Update on alcohol bill

Sanity has prevailed. But only because George Hawkins managed to get Parliament’s consent last evening for his Private Member’s Bill to proceed by presenting it when both ACT MPs were not in the House. The Bill aims to restrict the number of liquor outlets.

The Nats tried to make political capital from the minor spate of violent, bungled crimes over the past week — each one a tragedy. In contrast to ACT’s view that Hawkins’ Bill is just a “cynical and transparent attempt” to make it look as though Labour cares about public safety,” National criticised the amount of time it had taken the Government to tackle the proliferation of liquor outlets.

Despite his professed concerns over delays, Key still proposed “a comprehensive select committee inquiry” to look at law and order taking in the liquor use and licensing issues.

Perhaps ACT’s MPs decided it would be better to, er, hide, while their colleagues unanimously let Hawkins’ Bill proceed. Apparently he was applauded for his efforts.

Around the blogosphere… Idiot Savant examines the basis for this “knee jerk reaction” with his/her/their customary perspicacity, while skinny on-sells TV3’s comparison of liquor outlets per capita, and gets confused about the issues. Maybe he should stick to identifying stock images.

Postscript: Got to last night’s (Tuesday) taping of media7, on the media treatment of the Police. Some very interesting stuff emerged, so catch it tonight if you have a freeview box, or download it tomorrow. Details on Russell Brown’s publicaddress blog.

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10 Responses to “Update on alcohol bill”

  1. thehairyarmpit Says:

    The right wingers will run Helen Clark down for everything she does. I think it’s about time someone did something about the explosion of booze shops in areas where they are not needed or want it. I consider this behaviour a form of cultural genocide and it needs to stop.

  2. Sconehead Says:

    Don’t talk to me about the alcohol bill. It’s costing me a fortune.

    Actually, I’ve just found the second of two bottles stores in this city (pop. 80,000).

    [Scone: Sounds very dry. What’s the crime rate like? Or could there be a very severe deterrent effect at work? Care to do a guest blog on what it’s like living somewhere where there’s only 1 bottle store per 40,000?]

  3. Billy Says:

    People are getting murdered in liquor stores. Something must be done. Quick, ban the liquor stores.

  4. MacDoctor Says:

    I find myself agreeing with idiot/savant (first Chris Trotter, now this) – sigh šŸ™‚

    This is indeed a classical knee-jerk response. The bulk of alcohol consumed is currently being sold at supermarkets (it’s virtually only the RTDs that keep the liquor outlets going). Are we going to close down Pak ‘n Save in Manukau? I think not.

    Restricting liquor stores in certain areas is not only paternalistic, it is also vaguely racist and completely unresearched. Idiot/Savant’s quick look at the stats would indicate that it will also be useless.

    It would seem to me that this matter is too important leave to a private member’s bill (these tend to be a little one dimensional). There was a review done on the liquor laws in 2006. It should be a fairly simple thing to bring that up to date and propose some properly thought-out overhaul of the legislation.

  5. Sconehead Says:


    It’s quite dry but not completely arid, and I’m not talking about the weather.

    The crime rate, as far as I can tell, is very small. I go past the prison on my way to work – just as I did in Auckland – and it’s not exactly buzzing with activity. The main cause of traffic seems to be people delivering food to their friends and relatives inside. And there aren’t many. I think we’d call it a ‘self-catering’ facility.

    How’s this for a deterrent? First offence: you get to choose which bit that’s chopped off. Second offence: you don’t.

    Oh, and there’s a flogging thrown in for good measure.

    Actually, it’s not that severe and every now and again some prisoners are released early, perhaps on National Day or a religious holiday.

    One interesting difference is, I believe, the family of a murder victim can commute the death sentence if they wish to show mercy. Something we are yet to try in NZ.

  6. thehairyarmpit Says:

    You really upset me yesterday with your suckie email yesterday jafapete and I think it was rude and uncalled for. You lurk on my blog every day looking for jollies and then pretty much ban me from your blog because you think I’m a trouble maker. There will be no more pictures and fun times from me. I’m not providing entertainment for metrosexuals. I’m opening up a new secret blog and it will be for invites only and it’s going to be awesome. You won’t be invited.

    I only posted on your boring blog to be polite. Everytime I try to be nice it backfires and that’s why I’m such a bitch to everyone. You deserve to be trolled for this.

  7. jafapete Says:

    Faye, Got your comment. Okay, if it makes you feel better, I don’t admire your creativity. Happy now?

    Faye, Got your further comment. I thought you were the Queen of the Trolls already.


    Get fucked arsehole. I’m going to start a troll blog for trolls. I’m going to be the Queen Troll and organise random attacks on your fuck face blog. We are going to make fun of you behind your back. If you want it to stop I want a pubic apology.

    Don’t ever link to my blog either Cunt. I hate cowards like you.

    Go fuck your slutty ho bags.

  9. thehairyarmpit Says:

    Let this be a lesson. If you don’t want to be annoyed by nutbars then keep well away. My moods swing all over the place. One day I’m all emotional and the next I’m angry and homicidal. I’m getting drunk today and I’m going to annoy all your nasty arses.
    I had noticed the mood swings. Not sure that alcohol is a useful corrective, at least long-term.

  10. Sconehead Says:

    Scone, please don’t feed the trolls.

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