New rules

As a concession to the right, who detest over-regulation and complication, the rules for posting comments on this blog are simple:

1. You must be civil.

2. I decide.

3. No arguments.

I define civility as treating people with respect even if they are misguided or cognitively challenged. Attack their ideas instead.

Update: and please don’t feed the trolls.


4 Responses to “New rules”

  1. barnsleybill Says:

    Telecom, google and the black helicopters are coming for you.
    I have had to switch off anonymous messages JP. This person needs help

  2. Sconehead Says:

    Can I apply for a special dispensation?

    If you can’t be ignorant and offensive what’s the point in blogging?

    Scone, Ignorant, fine. Offensive, as long as it applies to ideas and arguments, not individual characteristics. Plenty of room there to have some fun, don’t you think? Thought you’d been doing very well until now.

  3. Sconehead Says:

    Yes, let’s not get into individual characteristics, otherwise we’ll be here all day (and night).

    As you know, I’m fairly new to blogging and I do enjoy it. It certainly beats working and lets me let off some steam. The one drawback is that, at times, one reads stuff which is indeed offensive. The ignorance I can cope with usually, but the abuse – rare though it is – does tend to put you off.

    Anyway, I laugh at your headlines for many of your posts and that redbaiter quote still gives me a daily chuckle.

    I hope to continue blogging when I return. Do they have electricity on Waiheke?

    Thanks for the feedback. A few people have said how much they enjoy Redbaiter’s comment. I’m a big fan of his absurdist schtick. Sasha Baron Cohen could learn a thing or two from him. Or her.

  4. big bruv Says:

    Love the line about not feeding the trolls given that is exactly what you do at kiwiblog.

    You started out alright Jafa but sadly you are now just like all the rest of the left wing nut bars, you demand freedom of speech at DPF’s site yet restrict it at your own.

    BB: Welcome.
    Moi? Trolling on kiwiblog? I like to think that I contribute something useful to the debate when it’s serious. As for restriction of speech, the continued appearance here of your comment will serve to demonstrate that my approach is fairly light-handed.

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