Sooden deported by Israel

Harmeet Sooden has been deported from Israel. Hey, who needs to worry about PR when you have the uncritical backing of the world’s superpower?

Yep, in the land of suicide bombers and “Israeli reprisals”, the authorities decided that peace activist Harmeet is a “threat to the security of the State of Israel” (Sooden says). They even kept him in jail for four days before deporting him at 1am on 18 June.

Harmeet says, “I told them honestly that I had come to revisit Yad Vashem, visit historic sites and volunteer for ISM.” The International Solidarity Movement is a non-violent Palestinian-led resistance movement.

Anyone who has met Harmeet knows that he isn’t a threat to anyone’s security, except maybe his own — but then he’s prepared to sacrifice that for a higher cause, peace. For those with exceptionally short memories, the Canadian NZer was held captive by Jihardists in Iraq a couple of years ago, along with other members of his Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT).

Sooden got an unfairly mean-minded response on his return to NZ after his last brush with middle eastern fanatics. Many people had trouble understanding the Christian Peacemakers’ tactics, and the media weren’t trying very hard to explain.

How about NZ protesting to Israel about this unwarranted treatment?

[Postscript: he arrives back at 2.15 tomorrow.]



2 Responses to “Sooden deported by Israel”

  1. Steve Withers Says:

    Israel’s current regime isn’t much different to its fellow traveler in the White House. War is peace. Love is hate. Freedom is slavery….and peace activist Sooden is a threat to the state of Israel.

    Orwell must have sore ribs from cackling endlessly in his grave…..or blazing red eyes from years of constant tears…..dependong on whether this makes him laugh or cry.

    One doesn’t really know which to do some days.

  2. MacDoctor Says:

    Steve: Just wondering what Orwell has to do with this. He was chiefly concerned about totalitarian communist states rather than jingoists. Or are you suggesting that Bush is like Big Brother? I would have thought he was more Bull in a China Shop material…

    Harmeet Sooden seems to spend his time blundering dangerously around the middle east. Surely as a volunteer for ISM (a palestine liberation movement – avowedly non-violent), he should have realised he would not be welcome in Israel? His naïvety is truly stunning.

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