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Queen Bee’s double standards

June 20, 2008

Over at The Hive, the blog that dare not speak its ideology (i.e. neo-liberal right), Queen Bee postures over Peters’ comments about Maori male peacocks, etc. “We think [the] comments… are not appropriate for our Foreign Minister. Winston should therefore resign or be fired,” they thunder.

Just 18 minutes after posting this, they posted a picture of Anne Pankhurst, Labour candidate for Tauranga under the heading “Labour Serious About Tauranga???” The caption reads, “Labour’s secret weapon. You can see they don’t want Winston to win.”

(Actually, she looks like a very good candidate, well-suited to the electorate. As MacDoc suggests in his comment, Labour appear to be fielding a strong candidate, possibly with the intention of denying National the seat.)

Since we are invited to question Labour’s chances of winning in Tauranga by inspecting the picture, it is difficult to interpret this as anything other than an attempt to judge the candidate’s qualities in terms of her appearance. Not to put too fine a point on it, it looks like arrant bloody sexism.


[Update: Queen Bee threw a right royal fit when she spied our post. Said we were outraged. Not really, QB. We save that up for your stable mate Whale Oil.]


Winnie the poop, again

June 20, 2008

I wasn’t intending to post on Peters on consecutive days — better on the whole to ignore his stupid antics. But his comments reported this morning are irresistible. Then again, they’re intended to be.

He asks why there are so many “useless” Pacific men in power positions in the Pacific and not enough women. Also, he says there are too many Maori men “parading around the maraes as peacocks doing no work”.

First, this week’s award for complete lack of self-awareness combined with breathtaking chutzpah goes to… I mean, when you read the words Maori men, parading, peacocks, who comes to mind?

(Not surprisingly, the Herald’s cartoonist couldn’t resist.)

Second, is this merely racism dressed up with a spurious concern for the position of women in Maori and Pasifika communities? (more…)