Winnie the poop, again

I wasn’t intending to post on Peters on consecutive days — better on the whole to ignore his stupid antics. But his comments reported this morning are irresistible. Then again, they’re intended to be.

He asks why there are so many “useless” Pacific men in power positions in the Pacific and not enough women. Also, he says there are too many Maori men “parading around the maraes as peacocks doing no work”.

First, this week’s award for complete lack of self-awareness combined with breathtaking chutzpah goes to… I mean, when you read the words Maori men, parading, peacocks, who comes to mind?

(Not surprisingly, the Herald’s cartoonist couldn’t resist.)

Second, is this merely racism dressed up with a spurious concern for the position of women in Maori and Pasifika communities?

After all, NZ First has one of the smallest proportions of women in Parliament at 14%.

Peters knows that the answers to his rhetorical questions about the role of women are cultural. Having taught many classes of predominantly Maori and Pasifika students I am deeply aware of the  influence of cultural constraints. Having just one older Pacific Island male of status in the class changed the dynamics completely, regardless of his contribution. But, inexorably, this is changing as traditional values are eroded in the New Zealand environment.

Initial reaction suggests that his comments are not perceived to be racist. Disgraced MP Phillip Field cautioned that, “New Zealand had to be careful about the perception of arrogance” and “thought such a message was better coming from a fellow Polynesian.” Indeed. What right has any NZ politician got to make such comments about what happens in other countries?

Of course he’s being racist. The comments disparage Polynesian culture. They are designed to provoke rather than contribute to measured and informed discussion, as is blindingly obvious from the language used, the tone and the forum in which the comments were made.

Nor does being Maori himself let him off the hook.


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5 Responses to “Winnie the poop, again”

  1. barnsleybill Says:

    How rare for left and right to agree on a matter of politics. Both ends of the spectrum have kicked his teeth in this morning.
    Maybe winston can be a unifying force for good?

  2. MacDoctor Says:

    Ahhh, Winston – always good for a laugh. Never one for constructive remarks, our Winston. The phrase “the pot calling the kettle black” springs to mind. The sad thing is that about 4% of the country apparently takes him seriously.


    [Amazing Doc? Isn’t the proportion of the genral population with psychopathic tendencies about one in twenty five? The rest of us are morons, of course.]

  3. MacDoctor Says:

    JP: Isn’t the proportion of the general population with psychopathic tendencies about one in twenty five?

    I think you must be thinking about Act, Pete…:-)

    [Think they’re struggling to make 1:50.]

  4. Sconehead Says:

    Isn’t Mr. Peters great entertainment?

    He’s a wonderful study in ego-driven madness, the lust for power (and for other things), hypocrisy, the odd bit of charm and just plain cheek. He’s like a whole Shakespearian cast rolled into one.

    Heaven forbid that he should ever be in a position where he could exercise some authority.

    I shall miss him after the election.

  5. inventory2 Says:

    Peters criticising Maori men – isn’t that a case of “pot, meet kettle”?

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