Roger’s lost his pull

ACT’s secret weapon has turned out to be a damp squib.

Only six people turned up to hear the neo-liberals’ Messiah at a meeting in Invercargill yesterday. (Compare to this.)

When ACT announced a few months ago that Douglas was to stand on their ticket this year, I confidently predicted that this might see them double their support. Looking at recent opinion polls, and now this, I’m not so sure.

In case you missed it, the reaction of the National MP for Hunua to the announcement that Douglas is to stand there is worth reading.

(Hat-tip to the grumpy old Stalinist.)



4 Responses to “Roger’s lost his pull”

  1. Bill Browne Says:

    How do you know that more than 3 people would have turned up to hear Hide a few months ago?

    Bill: You’re right, he may have doubled ACT’s support, or trebled it. Come by Galbraith’s and I’ll shout you a Best.

  2. MacDoctor Says:

    From the link ” the reaction of the National MP for Hunua”:
    Sir Roger has made it clear he expects Act to secure seats around a National Government Cabinet table if it holds the balance of power after the election

    I suspect this is why the ACT list places him third. National will then be able to offer cabinet posts to the top two candidates (Rodney and Heather) without creating a scene. There is no way ACT will get sufficient numbers to justify offering them a third post.

  3. Lita Says:

    I wondered who is being polled when I saw this.

    My conversations of late have revealed a few friends (a mix of red and blue) considering a third party vote for ACT, “best of a bad bunch” and “that’ll teach em” are direct quotes.

  4. Geek’s view at The Standard 2.01 Says:

    […] was happy to see Jafapete reporting on Roger’s lost his pull about Rodger Douglas. Frankly I do not have a great deal of time for Act’s policies – their […]

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