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Gordon Campbell’s informed and detailed review of National’s likely policies continues on Scoop, with Part 2 looking at telecommunications, the environment and industrial relations. Absolute must read.

Idiot Savant reflects on the acquittal by a Tauranga jury of the four Whakatane police officers who beat an inmate and sprayed pepper spray into his cell for 10 minutes. “The upshot? There are no limits on the police’s use of force in New Zealand. “Reasonable force” means “whatever seems reasonable to a power-crazed authoritarian thug at the time”, and includes prolonged beating and even torture”, he says.

Keeping stock has twigged to Len Richards’ appointment as SFWU political commissar, and is prepared to convict, unlike the Tauranga jury.


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  1. MacDoctor Says:

    My, what a vivid imagination he has! all that from a couple of off-hand remarks… 🙂

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