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June 27, 2008

If, like me, you share Al Franken’s view of Bill O’Reilly as a “Lying, Splotchy Bully”, the clip on this link is irresistable. I got the answer right — but then, I’ve been to the Alamo — and so did the guests, but the Big Blooter gets tripped up by his own trick question. Enjoy!

This post’s for AJ & Martha.


The wisdom of taxi drivers

June 27, 2008

In his DomPost column this morning, Chris Trotter poses the question, “Let’s just assume, for a moment, that the polls are right, and Labour is doomed. What does that say about the condition of the New Zealand electorate in 2008?”

He speculates that the current polling means that most of the electorate sees “the fifth Labour Government as being worse than the fourth” and Clark and Cullen as more destructive and incompetent than their predecessors.

Gloomy as. And quite wrong. (more…)