If, like me, you share Al Franken’s view of Bill O’Reilly as a “Lying, Splotchy Bully”, the clip on this link is irresistable. I got the answer right — but then, I’ve been to the Alamo — and so did the guests, but the Big Blooter gets tripped up by his own trick question. Enjoy!

This post’s for AJ & Martha.


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One Response to “Blooter-in-chief”

  1. aj Says:

    “Remember the Alamo”?

    Clearly Fox’s commentors didn’t. These days the Green Zone in Baghad is the closest the US gets to defending a “mission”. And, once again they are doing it in someone else’s country.

    Mexicans lost more than the foreshore and the seabed to their colonisers…

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