Swift boats ahoy!

It’s easy to laugh at the country-club Muslim Marxist fiction that the Republicans have been frantically retailing since Obama first looked a real prospect. Especially since he continues to lead in the polls, raise huge quantities of cash, and so on. Now the Republicans seem to be conceding that their would-be memes about elitism, the “funny name”, closet Islamism, and secret radicalism haven’t been effective enough.

They’ve started a completely new narrative about Obama’s character. It’s the brain-child, inevitably, of the evil genius Karl Rove. Rove’s latest slur is that Obama’s self-centred. “Many candidates have measured the Oval Office drapes prematurely. But Barack Obama is the first to redesign the presidential seal before the election.”

Just in case the message is lost, Rove sets it out plain and simple:

“Mr. McCain will be helped if he uses Mr. Obama’s actions to paint his opponent as someone driven by an all-powerful instinct to look out only for himself. In a contest over who is willing to put principle above personal ambition and self-interest, John McCain, a war hero and a former POW, wins hands down.”

Yes, I know, this is a bit rich from the party of entrenched wealth and vested interests and their candidate who conveniently married a mega-wealthy heiress. But hey, John Kerry was a genuine, highly decorated war hero, and in the end they got him.

The message wasn’t lost:

McCain Campaign Memo posted 7:35 AM on 6/26/2008 — Steve Schmidt, McCain 2008 Senior Advisor, writes on “Country First Vs. Self-Serving Partisanship”: “There has never been a time when Barack Obama has bucked the party line to lead on an issue of national importance. … We don’t need to trade Republican partisanship for Democratic partisanship. We need to put our country first and put our politics second. That is what John McCain has done his whole life, and that is what he will do as president.”

As kos puts it, “So now he’s a selfish, power-hungry, inexperienced American-hating country club elitist.” Watch to see how this new narrative unfolds. I’m thinking and hoping that most Americans can see this for what it is.



One Response to “Swift boats ahoy!”

  1. truthseekernz Says:

    I think many more Americans now see through the Republican sleeze than in the past. Given all that has happened since 2001, I’m frankly amazed that ANYONE would vote for a Republican as all but a tiny handful (Ron Paul…..and..?) supported Bush all the way while he ignored the Constitution and lied to start a war.

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