Boris’s blues: You won’t find this on kiwiblog

Oh dear. Boris Johnson is in trouble already. When he was elected Mayor of London a couple of months ago, the NZ right bloggers were ecstatic. However, not much has been heard from them on Johnson’s current woes, so I’m stepping in to fill the gap.

Things went seriously pear-shaped for Johnson when allegations of a trail of missing funds and harassment surfaced against his deputy mayor, a defrocked priest who set up and ran a very successful “boot camp” for troubled black youth in the East End. He resigned last Friday before an enquiry promised by Johnson could be commenced.

This only a couple of weeks after James McGrath, Johnson’s deputy chief of staff resigned over race-related remarks he made to a journalist. (During an interview for a little-read blog, of all things.)

Key point: to lose one advisor may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose two in a fortnight looks like carelessness.

In fact, it looks so careless that the the London assembly has announced that an investigation is to be launched into Boris Johnson’s appointment of key staff and advisers at city hall, according to the Guardian. (Hope they got this one right. 🙂  ) Seems that the Tories didn’t bother vetting their advisors and may not have been following proper procedures.

(NZer in London) Neil Stockley blogs about the impact of all of this on Johnson’s brand. Essentially:

“… the mayor should be worried: just three months into his term, Johnson is not embodying his carefully crafted political narrative. In marketing speak, his brand may get contaminated, all over again.

“During the mayoral campaign, Boris Johnson told people a classic “time for a change” story. He offered a new face, a new style, a new focus on London’s issues and, above all, an end to staff and administrative scandals at City Hall…

When a Ray Lewis happens and the mayor is forced on to the backfoot, with the sort of media he faces… , Johnson does not live his story.”

Neil points to what happened when Churchill, Thatcher, Blair and Brown stopped embodying the narratives that they were telling. “Even the most brilliant and successful political narratives implode.” As he concludes, if Johnson doesn’t get back in control of his narrative, his will too.


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