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The Right’s response to Hager’s revelations about National and C/T has been (a) to try to pretend that all political parties engage in the sorts of practices with which C/T seem to be associated (they don’t), and (b) discredit Hager.

Far-right attack dog Fran O’Sullivan has a go this morning. I have to say that, like Ethical Martini, I had trouble following O’Sullivan’s line of “thought”. But here goes. After outlining an Australian television satire called, spookily (not!), The Hollowmen, and in which politics is run more like a corporation than a constitutional democracy, O’Sullivan argues that:

“… instead of examining whether New Zealand’s incumbent Prime Minister also employs such tactics, Hager trots out the line that National’s continued employment of Australian political strategy firm Crosby/Textor (just one of the consultants the party has hired) is proof positive that aspiring PM John Key is little more than a political puppet for “foreign” ventriloquists who feed him all his lines.”

Leaving aside the deliberately misleading summary of what concerns Hager and the rest of us — see right-wing counter-attack (a) above — O’Sullivan doesn’t produce any evidence that Helen Clark employs such tactics. She then switches to right-wing attack (b):

“On Planet Nicky, NZ political journalists are nothing more than ready dupes who unknowingly parrot the lines conjured up by the real power brokers who, ipso facto, must be irredeemably evil.”

More arrant tosh. Again, there is no evidence that this is how Hager views NZ political reporters. (With the exception perhaps of the likes of Colin Espiner, who features in Hager’s The Hollow Men for, well, parroting the lines conjured up, etc; and who is now cited on almost a daily basis by Farrar and other right-wing bloggers.) Ethical Martini goes so far as to suggest that, “It seems to me that Fran has perhaps not read Nicky’s piece in the SST.” He could be right.

Then there’s some stuff about Keating and Rudd, and Hager being thin-skinned. Impossible to follow, but it may be bad subbing that’s at fault. Another sudden unrelated shift in her argument and we have Brash’s letter to someone about the emails being stolen. It’s treated as gospel, but there is no evidence to support any of this. (See a pattern emerging?)

Then nasty insinuations about a policeman and finally we come to the (non) conclusion, “Maybe it’s time that Planet Nicky came down to earth and investigated the real constitutional issues.”

Weird. Someone tell O’Sullivan she needs a break.

O’Sullivan’s echo chamber (a.k.a. The Hive) gushed about “one of New Zealand’s very best political journalists writing [this] in the biggest newspaper.” True. And, after a similarly disjointed and incoherent ramble (though they claim not to be O’Sullivan), they say:

“Maybe the Police should be taking note. It is not too late to be absolved….We won’t be releasing the e-mail until 4 days before the election so be patient on this one, but it is a hum dinger!!”

There is no earlier reference to an email, so we cannot say for sure what they are talking about. Maybe they share the same subbie. Maybe they should join O’Sullivan on her holiday break.

Oh, and the post is headed “Where Did The E-mails Come From Pat (we mean Nicky)?” I guess Pat knows who he/she is. All very weird.


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11 Responses to “News from the weird”

  1. ethicalmartini Says:

    cheers – high five and all that

    Thanks Martin. I read The Hive and O’Sullivan this a.m. and couldn’t make out what they were going on about. Decided it must be me. But when I saw you had the same problems, I thought I’d post on this regardless.

  2. ethicalmartini Says:

    PS: love your tag line, I’m slightly jealous (LOL)

    Yeah, everybody says that. Redbaiter’s a comic genius, and whaleoil is a master of abuse, so it’s really them I have to thank.

  3. Inventory2 Says:

    JP – The Hive piece WAS pretty cryptic, but you might find a clue here (it took me a coupla readings!)

    “In a completely different context and in another incarnation we have caught a well respected Government Department in complete breach of accepted procedure on a major issue. What did they do? Did they try and cover up? No they confessed and it was very interesting to learn – in written form from one of their Departmental lawyers no less – who was responsible”

  4. Inventory2 Says:

    JP – I won’t rest until I have concocted something sufficiently abusive to make your masthead!

  5. jafapete Says:

    I2, Yeah, I had figured that this was related. But what’s a departmental solicitor doing dobbing in political figures to right-wing bloggers, whatever their incarnation?

    PS: There have been a few other lines recently that almost made the masthead, but you’ve got to be pretty good to be up there with Reddie and Whale.

  6. Inventory2 Says:

    I guess we’ll have to wait until the big “reveal” four days out from the election eh!

    Probably Guy Fawkes Day…

  7. ethicalmartini Says:

    NB – point of pride and accuracy

  8. MacDoctor Says:

    ethicalmartini: NICKY HAGER, NOT Hagar.

    It may be a freudian slip. There was a cartoon strip called Hagar the Horrible, about a demented viking… 🙂

    But, seriously, I find it hard to understand why National’s use of spin doctors C/T makes them suddenly puppets of a foreign master, when it is completely obvious that Labour uses its own copious supply of spinmeisters. This smacks to me of “Labour good, National bad” thinking.

    Yeah, Hager. Got it right almost to the very end. You probably have a term for this MacDoc… senility?

    But the point is that neither Hager, nor anyone apart from a few of the Standardistas as far as I can see, is arguing that anybody is a puppet of anybody. It’s the methods that are used that cause concern.

  9. MacDoctor Says:

    It’s the methods that are used that cause concern

    Why? To suggest that C/T to use underhand methods in the NZ Election implies that National will approve of such. I don’t see any recent evidence of underhand dealing in National (as opposed to the incumbent government).

  10. Truthseeker Says:

    I have to wonder what Fran O’Sullivan thinks she is doing. Her column on Alexander Downer was also somewhat bizarre. In it, she tried to raise the issue (from her point of view) as to why NZ pollies were steering well clear of the Iran issue….which she framed as the aggressor in the recent tensions with Israel…..despite all evidence to the contrary.

    Yeah Steve, saw that too. I guess she doesn’t read around enough.

  11. unaha-closp Says:

    “Leaving aside the deliberately misleading summary of what concerns Hager and the rest of us — see right-wing counter-attack (a) above — O’Sullivan doesn’t produce any evidence that Helen Clark employs such tactics.”

    cough – Electoral Finance Act – cough

    Each time the left brings up the obscure Australian lobby group it is an allusion to “unfair” electoral practice – a complaint that exists in the context of the EFA, pledge cards, state house “evictions”, $800,000 and Helen’s recent proclamation that she would condone push polling.

    What is more unfair?

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