Ventura not running. Seriously.

Long-time readers of this blog (all 13 weeks of it) will know that the second most interesting race in the US is the senate race in Minnesota. Not only is the incumbent Republican vulnerable, but the Democratic challenger is Al Franken, top left-wing satirist and political commentator. (Background here.)

In recent weeks the big story has been Jesse Ventura — yes, the wrestler (below) — a former Minnesota governor — no, you couldn’t make this up — who said he might throw his hat into the ring. (Or perhaps we should say, throw himself into the ring.) Initially a three-way split looked like it would save the incumbent, although more recently this has not necessarily looked the case.

Anyway, having kept everyone speculating about his decision for weeks, he has announced on tonight’s Larry King Live — where else? — that he’s not standing.

[Update: Ventura did not file by the deadline for registering as a candidate, so it looks like he didn’t get “a call” from above.]



2 Responses to “Ventura not running. Seriously.”

  1. MacDoctor Says:

    My first reaction: Thank goodness for that 🙂

    Yup, MacDoc, but it’s not a small mercy.

  2. Franken fights dirt « Jafapete’s Weblog Says:

    […] neck-and-neck with incumbent Minnesota senator Norm “W” Coleman. (Background here and here.) He’s been the subject of attack ads and outright lies about his position from his […]

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