Herald: not all the news that’s fit to print

Progblog notes that Audrey Young’s brother has been selected as the National candidate in New Plymouth.

What’s that you say, the National Party have only just selected a candidate in New Plymouth?

Well, if like me you live in Auckland and depend primarily on that great upholder of free speech and transparency, the New Zealand Herald, you might very well be surprised. As Prog Blog puts it:

“You would be doing well to find in the Herald the scandal of the National Party candidate given the flick – and the reasons and maneuvering behind it.

“And yet – she must have known the whole lot. Amazing. Must be that pernicious electoral finance act that stopped Audrey from reporting.”

Hmm. I’m not interested in why the candidate that National selected after “a public and hard-fought battle” felt compelled to return to the Bella Ladies’ Fashions and Accessories shop — although the Taranaki Daily News frantically signalled that something was up. He’s not the candidate anymore.

But I am interested in knowing whether the Herald was busy censoring itself, whilst lambasting a majority of parliamentarians for supposedly limiting free speech.


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3 Responses to “Herald: not all the news that’s fit to print”

  1. Steve Withers Says:

    I’d have to say there isn’t any room for doubt the Herald demonstrates an overt bias against the Labour Party. The “dimmer switch” furore seeking to defend the chandeliers of Remuera and St Heliers from the consequences of saving NZ over $1 billion on power generation and use was revealing.

    The Herald’s ignoring the story about the lowest numbers on the dole in 30 years told me all I need to know about the blinders on the Herald’s news eyes.

    Oh, I thought the dimmer switch story was satire…

  2. ak Says:

    NZ Herald? More like National Disgrace.

    Years from now legions of Communications Studies students will be copy-and-pasting its red front page and Lenin/Clark pics into lengthy dissertations with titles like “Tabloidisation and Bought Influence: the Fall of the Paper Dinosaurs” Chapter 2: “Tipping points”.

    (chapter 3: ” Qwerty days and qwerty nights: the humble beginnings of President Jafapete”)

    Comment of the Week!

  3. barnsleybill Says:

    I don’t recall them making much of the idiot sheehan being sacked as the botany candidate for labour either? Neither story would be likely to earn a pulitzer..

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