Whale oil = excrement

Whale plumbs new depths:

“I bet the scumbag actually went and asked for his Mum to die so she could distract everyone from what is abundantly clear to even the most stupid of observers.”

Winston Peters is undoubtedly grieving for his mother. No matter what we think of him, he is entitled to our human compassion and sympathy at this time. He has mine.

As Newzblog says of whale oil, “It’s no secret he gets a rise out of attacking the weak and defenceless.” This may just be another attempt to satisfy that vile urge, or to maintain a profile, but it is beneath contempt.

[Update: Or perhaps we should just put this down to whale oil’s preoccupation with another matter, that Russell Brown outlines on his blog A real defamation suit from the looks of it. Could we see an apology from whale only days after he was gloating at yours truly’s little apology?]

[Hat-tip: Newzblog]

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6 Responses to “Whale oil = excrement”

  1. barnsleybill Says:

    JP. Peters himself used the death of his mother to “fess up”. Admittedly his confession was 10 minutes of weasel words and scarcely credulous utterances, but an admission that his litany of NO’s was actually a Yes. He did it now because he (rightly) assumed that the media would go easy on him.
    It shames us all that our PM has become so influenced by her desire to cling to power that she will not sack or censure this clown.

  2. jafapete Says:

    Bill, If you look at my earlier post on Peters, I point out that it is very plausible that he did not know for certain who provided the very large donation to his litigation fund; but that he must have guessed who was the source. It’s a fine distinction that won’t fool many people, I’m hoping.

    In as much as he denied that Owens gave a large sum to NZ First, he was correct. Owens gave the money either to Peters’ lawyer or to the trust fund. The sum that went to NZ First, came either from Peters via his lawyer, or his lawyer, and seems to have been the residue of a larger suim that included Owen’s donation.

    In short, you can’t prove that any of the things that you assert are true.

    All of this clearly makes you very angry, but it doesn’t change the facts. As long as you underestimate Peters you will continue to be angry. On a couple of occasions when I was in the Beehive I stayed late at Bellamys with a group that discussed politics in the greatest detail. Peters was always the most impressive for the grasp of detail when it came to the electorate and what it thought.

  3. Truthseeker Says:

    JP: I agree. Peters has a long history of parsing his words carefully and reading the detail in the law and applying it. Sloppy thinkers, careless with the details and facts, tend to not understand the often subtle points upon which Peters’ arguments rest.

    Peters can credibly say Glenn did not give NZ First money because he didn’t.

    Peters has more trouble when asking people to believe that he did not know about the source of the contribution to the legal fund……but then looking back over Peters’ history, it is possible that he *deliberately* set things up so that he would not know.

    If it was his intention to not know, he probably didn’t. That would be typically Peters.

    Steve, The Nats set things up so that they wouldn’t “know” where the bog donations came from — although one suspects that the supposedly anonymous made sure they knew — so why shouldn’t Peters have done so. He was originally a Nat, after all.

  4. Whaleoil Says:

    You won’t see an apology from me because there is no defamation and no numpty lawyer is going to scare the pants off of me with his dribbly letters.

    I do not cave, I do not give in especially when I am right.

  5. illuminatedtiger Says:

    So karma does exist!

  6. Nell Wheeler Says:

    Nell Wheeler…

    I could read this site for days!…

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