Nope, the axe is stayed

A fascinating Parliamentary Question Time today.

My summary of Helen Clark’s substantive response to questions about Peters’ continuation in his ministerial role, etc, etc, is that various allegations have been made; no evidence has so far substantiated any allegations of wrong-doing; there are avenues open to people to pursue these matters and determine whether there was any wrong-doing; otherwise she is compelled to accept Peters’ assurances as he is an “honourable member”.

And, strictly speaking, she is correct.

Whether this approach works in practice is another matter. The continuing allegations must, over time, have a corrosive effect. Public opinion is swayed as much by the feelings as by who is, strictly speaking, correct.

National may very well, as Clark pointed out, be the “main bagman for big corporations’ donations”, having received, as she pointed out, countless large donations from racing, insurance, alcohol and tobacco interests. They may have opposed all attempts to bring more transparency into these matters because of this. Nick Smith may well be guilty of the same failure to declare donations (and debts of $300,000!) relating to his legal actions. And John Key may have played a critical role in securing numerous fat, anonymous donations at the last election. But this will be lost on too many people, I fear.


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9 Responses to “Nope, the axe is stayed”

  1. AndrewE Says:

    I just wish National would announce that they would have nothing to do with this slimeball and that he would not be part of any coalition with them. I guess having principles is a luxury politicans can’t afford.

    I have to admit I’m wishing for a return to FPP.

    Andrew, Why, Peters came out of FPP, and learnt his political “skills” at the feet of Muldoon, a great manipulator of FPP. Let’s just concentrate on getting rid of the bastard. If only we could think of a way… National obviously haven’t.

  2. barnsleybill Says:

    I agree with your assessment. Key was weak today. Let us hope that the papers deliver a bit more tomorrow.

  3. MacDoctor Says:

    BB: Key was weak today.

    He certainly was. But what did you expect? He knows that there is a very good chance that the Baublator will once again politically resurrect himself like some kind of demented zombie (come… join us… Don’t be afraid…) A small drift in the polls and Key will need an alliance with someone. And Winston First will be a lot less work than the feisty Maori party.

  4. jafapete Says:

    MacDoc, “And Winston First will be a lot less work than the feisty Maori party.”

    Not sure, MacDoc. Should National (and ACT) just miss 50% of the seats, then the words “rock” and “hard place” spring to mind. Do you want to depend on Tariana Turia for support, or risk being associated with Peters and getting some of the ordure that inevitably entails. Hmm, I’d probably go with Tariana if I were National.

  5. Macdoctor Says:

    JP: Agee that Turiana would be much better to work with, but Peters will initially demand less – probably just foreign minister and some money for oldies and racing 🙂

  6. Inventory2 Says:

    I’ve speculated (with tongue in cheek) that Clarl misled the House this afternoon

  7. roger nome Says:

    What the hell dad? Are you trying to tell us that you’re a feminist who’s interested in Leonard Cohen’s music or what?

  8. roger nome Says:

    ooops -wrong blog!

    Nome, That’s okay. It’s a priceless contribution so I’m leaving it as is. LOL.

  9. Inventory2 Says:

    JP – to the best of my knowledge, Nick Smith’s Freedom of Speech Trust has been properly declared as one from which he derives a pecuniary interest – as opposed to Peters, who hasn’t disclosed anything!

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