The axe may be poised

More revelations about donations to NZ First, this time from one of NZ’s richest families. [Hat-tip: kiwiblog]. The Dompost reports that:

“… a series of donations from accounts linked to the Vela family – heavyweight operators in the racing and fishing industries – and totalling at least $150,000 were made to the party.”

Remind me, who has been the Minister for Racing since the last election? In the last couple of months, who has announced $368,800 and $425,000 in safety grants to racing clubs, along with $9 million over the next 3 years to boost prize stakes in NZ racing?

The Dompost also reports, “NZ First sources say nothing like that much Vela money was deposited in the party’s bank account.”

Well yes. How much is “nothing like that much” then? $100,000? And which of the various bank accounts are we talking about? That’s a very authentic looking copy of a cheque in the Dompost report, but it is for $9995.00 and not $10,000, so did not have to be declared. Hell, the Nats were doing more of that sort of stuff than all the other parties put together. Can we have a look at the Waitemata trust’s bank accounts please? Once again, we need to know more details before we can pin Peters’ ass to the wall.

We are talking about big issues this time. Not having an old mate drive you to the airport and putting him on the payroll. That’s small stuff.

The question now is at what point does Clark swing the axe. Note that last night she was saying that she had no option but to accept that an honourable members’ word is true. We know from past experience that that is how she positions herself before swinging the axe.

Maybe we’ve already reached that point with the Velas’ donations, and the axe is being readied. But once again, it’s a complicated matter, and it is not enough merely to say that it looks like corruption.

Any more revelations like this and I think Clark has no option. Despite what some have suggested, I’m not sure she’d get many votes for it though. Most people would just say, “‘Bout time too.” And they’d be right.



3 Responses to “The axe may be poised”

  1. barnsleybill Says:

    It is now GAME ON JP. The standard have put up a wishy washy nothing to see hear post. Expect their language to harden later today as a clear signal that Helen is about to move. The only thing that will stop her chopping his head off is if he has some labour laundry to reveal.. A case of Mutually assured Destruction by corruption.

  2. Inventory2 Says:

    If she lets him off the hook now, there could be some interesting times with the media when Condi comes to town. Would Clark let that happen?

  3. MacDoctor Says:

    I confess to much amusement at the conciliatory tone of all the left wing blogs on this issue. If it had been John Key instead of the Amazing Baublator, I expect there would be a feeding frenzy.

    Once again Winston skates close to the legal line, having skated through “ethical” many moons ago. It will be great is Key can form a government without Wilson, but I’m not holding my breath…
    Aw, MacDoc, who you callin’ “conciliatory”?

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