Another day of Peters

Another day dawns, more words on Winston Peters, little new light.

NZ’s busiest blog twists and contorts, but in the end is forced to admit on the Vela story that:

“Winston says that donations by wealthy racing industry families did not affect NZ First’s racing policy.

I actually believe him on this.”

Farrar makes the excellent point that money more often follows policy then vice versa. That said, such money could be seen as encouraging more of the same. Farrar is also forced to admit that:

“Winston says the donations are all legal. Yes indeed they appear to be. However it is apparent that arrangements were made to allow one family to donate in excess of the disclosure limit through (legally) routing it through different people and companies. Just as National has legally routed donations through its former Trusts. Perfectly legal, but designed to avoid disclosure of large donors.”

Quite right, no more than National is guilty of, on a far larger scale… until further evidence should come to light.

Once again, the Herald’s John Armstrong provides the sanest commentary in the media:

“It does not yet qualify as a full-blown scandal. It is still some way off being a full-scale crisis. But the overwhelming feeling around Parliament yesterday was of things teetering on the brink, that Winston Peters – for all his formidable survival instincts – risks drowning in the sheer volume of allegations and unanswered questions now raining down on him.”

Armstrong notes that Peters might like to try and brazen out the latest allegations, but,

“[Clark] urgently needs to move this dreadful mess off centre-stage – both for her sake and Peters’. She has accordingly dropped big hints to relevant Government agencies to investigate the claims if they see fit.”

In the meantime, I predict that we will be treated in Question Time today to another round of National capitalising on the situation to try to make Clark look bad. She will probably come down even harder on National for doing the same stuff, but what else can she do until someone comes up with some actual evidence of wrong-doing?

[Update: Question Time exactly as predicted.]


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4 Responses to “Another day of Peters”

  1. adamsmith1922 Says:


    Might I suggest that for those interested in seeing the back of Peters, Brain Rudman’s article in today’s Herald, which if you will allow me the liberty I comment on here is clear on why Peters has to go

    Many thanks

  2. jafapete Says:

    Fine, Adam. I thought Rudman’s was a very good piece, too, and recommend it. Rudman demolishes Peters’ fear-mongering about an ‘Asian crime wave’.

    I don’t think that Rudman’s comments about the overall impact of the allegations about NZ First funding and Peters’ response conflicts with what Armstrong and I (yesterday) have written about the quantum of allegations providing the imperative for swinging the axe, regardless of what is or isn’t proved.

    Note that National actually has an incentive not to initiate any investigations, since proof of wrong-doing would see the affair come to an end.

  3. adamsmith1922 Says:

    I agreed with your comment of yesterday, but I doubt either side want him to go, for different reasons

  4. barnsleybill Says:

    Now that the pugilist knight is involved we will hopefully see the action heat up.
    The greens are very agitated about the NZF voting record on matters pertaining to mental marine law changes.
    The dom has asked where the vela money went and even suggested that not all of it made it to the NZF accounts.
    And they are now alleging that NZF have not declared all donations from sir bob.
    And still the only people to believe that Peters did not know about Glenn’s donation are the bladder enfeebled and the labour party.
    Chops or sausages with your coffee this morning JP 🙂

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