Where’s the cash, Winston?

More about secret donations to support NZ First. And this time it seems very clear that the law has been broken. Either that or someone has syphoned off Bob Jones’s donations for purposes other than those which he intended.

The bidding started this morning at $25,000 in the DomPost, and as the morning progressed, things got more interesting when Sir Robert Jones (remind me, who gave him that knighthood?) revealed that he gave other large donations to the party (hat-tip Keeping Stock).

The $25,000, and maybe other large donations from Bob Jones and others, was banked into a trust called the Spencer Trust and administered by Peters’ brother Wayne. As The Standard puts it:

“Now, we have what appears to be proof of wrongdoing in New Zealand First. Either the money donated by people like Jones through the Spencer Trust was used to pay NZF bills and it wasn’t properly declared or the money was not used to pay the NZF’s bills but [was used] for some other [purpose], which is not why the money was donated. It may be that Peters was not aware that this was happening but something is rotten inside NZF.”

Jones has written to NZ First asking where the money went. Did it go to the Party? If not, where did it go? If it did, NZ First is in breach of the law.

Afterthought: I’m just wondering. If Jones wanted to make sure that his donation went to the party, why didn’t he insist on donating to the party rather than a laundering trust fund? If the money was used in some other way, I’d be happy to tell Jones to his face, “tough bikkies”.



2 Responses to “Where’s the cash, Winston?”

  1. Inventory2 Says:

    Interesting business eh – what will the PM’s next move be?

  2. MacDoctor Says:

    Calling the Lord High Executioner would be nice. 🙂

    But I expect the proverbial slap with a wet bus ticket… 😦

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