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Read this!

July 26, 2008

Forget Peters for just a moment; he’s probably a goner by the end of next week, but we won’t know until Tuesday at the earliest.

Instead, read Brian Gaynor’s “Open Letter to Lianne Dalziel.” It’s dynamite.

It’s not just that the Capital Market Development Taskforce announced this week is too little, too late. He says it’s probably the wrong people, with the wrong agendas, and we can’t afford to wait and find that out sometime at the end of next year anyway.


McCain’s Double-Talk Express

July 26, 2008

US blogger Chris Bowers has a challenge: What Is Your Favorite Contradictory McCain Attack? Here’s his ampling from the last couple of weeks:

1. Seventeen days after taking a trip abroad to Colombia and Mexico, five weeks after giving a paid campaign speech in Canada, and two months after criticizing Obama for not going to Iraq, the McCain campaign criticizes Obama for taking a trip abroad that includes a stop in Iraq.

2. Eleven days after holding a press conference to claim that Obama is a serial flip-flopper, McCain argues that Obama is the most extremist member of the Senate.

3. Five days after releasing a documentary criticizing Obama for flip-flopping on Iraq, the McCain campaign argues that Obama is too inflexible on Iraq.

4. After spending April and May calling Obama an elitist, they spent June and July calling him “typical.”

So, people like Farrar may parrot Republican talking points about Obama’s “flip-flops”, but the fact is, “the biggest flip-flops in this campaign are the attacks that McCain makes.”

As the DailyKos puts it:

“Whether it’s Roe v. Wade or off-shore drilling or a pathway to citizenship for unauthorized immigrants, McCain has taken opposite sides. Is it flip-floppery? Or is it flim-flammery?”

“He was anti-Grover Norquist before he was pro-Grover Norquist. He opposed torture before he yielded to White House demands. He was for campaign-finance reform before he was against a reform provision he sponsored two years earlier. He opposed presidential candidates campaigning at Bob Jones University before he favored it. He was anti-ethanol, then for it. He supported flying the Confederate flag on government property before he rejected the practice. He was for talking with Hamas until he was against it. He favored privatizing Social Security before he said he never was in favor of privatizing Social Security. He opposed the Bush tax cuts for the rich until he voted for them, twice.”

PS My favourite is the criticism of Obama for going to Iraq. That really does take the cake. He went there himself, and he criticised Obama for not going there.

Born to be… a couch potato

July 26, 2008

A couple of years ago I landed at Dulles International Airport at the height of summer, and found myself in the capital of corpulence as tourists from the mid-west squeezed themselves into the subway train with me. It was a scene that Fernando Botero would have been hard put to beat.

It was an eye-opener. And we are travelling down the same road in NZ. In 2002/03 one in three adults was considered overweight (not including obese) and one in five was obese.

Now news that genetic make-up may determine our levels of physical activity and exercise habits.