Peters returns: Much heat, little light

It was billed as the showdown in Parliament. In the event it was more of a snowjob.

Peters provided more of the same “answers” to the questions being asked about big donations from Owen Glenn and Sir Robert Jones. That is, he denied any wrong-doing and denounced the media. You know, “the truth is ignored”, etc, etc.

Clark continued with the line that Peters had assured her that no illegality had occurred and that she, like everyone else, was obliged to take this at face value. “From my point of view, I have been given no reason to believe that there is any illegality. I continue to watch closely developments on all matters around Ministers, but at this time I have no reason to doubt Mr Peters’ word.” (emphasis added).

To anyone who has known Helen Clark for any period of time, the high level of frustration she feels at the situation she finds herself in was very clear. She looked at her best — as always — attacking National, but otherwise was very grim-faced and thin-lipped, even for Clark.

Jeanette Fitzsimons and (on occasion) Rodney Hide acquitted themselves well. Key continued to look ineffectual and sounded confused at times. Not that this will bother him, as the strategy is to keep embarrassing Labour, and it’s the headlines that count, not how he looks in Parliament.

Peters revealed that a National backbencher didn’t declare in the Register of Pecuniary Interests of MPs 2,524,750 shares in a firm called something like  Cynotech. Not something that’s likely to bring National down, although it will probably bring a smile to David Cunliffe’s face.


5 Responses to “Peters returns: Much heat, little light”

  1. barnsleybill Says:

    A fair summation JP, question time is an extremely frustrating exercise for us members of the good guys. Key’s complete inability to land a punch on the virgin queen is particularly galling. her discomfort today was surprising though. Might it suggest that there is a shred of humanity and integrity trying valiantly to break it’s way through the thick crust of self interest she has encased her cold dead heart in.
    Peter’s of course has cemented forever his place as the fourth monkey.
    And if you want to understand that comment you will need to risk contamination by visiting my place.

  2. Stephen Says:

    take the prize for oddest comment i’ve seen in a while 😀 😀

  3. barnsleybill Says:

    Thanks Stephen… I rest easy in my oddness.
    From the general tone of your more recent posts JP can we assume that you have stopped eating dead poodle? Indigestion or does it just not taste nice??

  4. jafapete Says:

    Thanks Bill, I tried to give as balanced an account as possible.

    I’ve eaten roasted guinea pig in Peru, but can’t say I’ve tried poodle. Knowingly. Which is why I think I’ve been more on the money than some bloggers who just gave themselves over to frothing about the hypocrisy.

    Liked the cartoon with the missing fourth monkey.

  5. barnsleybill Says:

    Thanks. You are in the running for the 12 th annual barnsley bill “fair and balanced” lefty blog award. So far this year their is only you and Dim in the running..
    You have moved away from your earlier luke warm attempts to justify/ rationalise the peter’s scandal. Hence my comment about you coming of the dead poodle diet. It appeared from the outset that your heart was just not in it.

    Hey Bill, I’m the one who’s been saying all along that the voters should drive an electoral stake through Peters’ heart come November. It would be a service to us all.

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