A flip-flop too far for Far-Right Fran

Fran O’Sullivan froths at National’s flip-flops in Granny this morning, wailing, “… it’s tempting to wonder if John Key is auditioning to be Helen Clark in drag.” In doing so she adds her voice to the chorus of far-right dismay at National’s “Labour-lite” cross-dressing.

She points to the essential problem that “all Labour’s flagship economic policies” (embraced by National), bigger tax cuts than Labour, no privatisations and no big borrowing won’t fit falling government revenue in a declining economy. Many others have also pointed to this problem.

But, thanks to her close links with the big business donors to the National Party, she is able to provide some insights into how National might conjur this fiscal trick:

“It would appear obvious – to those within the business elite who are privy to National’s plans – that Key and his finance spokesman Bill English plan to re-engineer the Government’s balance sheet so that a number of directly funded infrastructure programmes are shifted off-balance sheet to be funded through public-private partnerships and/or infrastructure bonds.”

The problem is, as she quickly admits, that there are serious time lags. It would take years for the fiscal benefits to flow through (never mind the quality of service issues which she ignores, of course). This might be a long term solution, but what about the short-term?

So the question remains, what — or who — is going to give?

O’Sullivan finishes with a general whinge about the lack of policy on offer. She says:

“As of right now there are few National policies on display that demonstrate the party that looks odds-on to claim the Government benches this year is thinking deeply about the economic environment it will inherit.”

We can only concur.

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3 Responses to “A flip-flop too far for Far-Right Fran”

  1. Stephen Says:

    On ‘drag’ I sincerely hope you’ve seen this

  2. jafapete Says:

    Stephen, Yep, I did see that after writing this post. It reminded me of series of cartoons in the Spectator as few years back where the Tory Party hierarchy decided that the leader should be female and engineered a sex-change… Same story really.

  3. Inventory2 Says:

    Sheesh – I hope you didn’t have a mouthful of muesli when you wrote that headline JP!!

    Well, I2, It wasn’t fricasse of poodle.

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