McCain goes for the low road

John McCain has given up on fighting a “respectful” campaign and — with more than three months to go before the election — started hitting as low as he can. The dog.

It seems like just a few weeks ago he said:

“I respect and admire Senator Obama, and if I have ever treated him in a disrespectful way I don’t know of it,” he said. “Americans want a respectful debate. They don’t want us to finger-point and question each other’s character and integrity.”

Actually, it was. But now McCain’s people have figured that Americans are  still uncertain about Obama’s character, and that undermining their perceptions of Obama before he can establish his own narratives might just win them the election. (Remember, Obama’s big lead in electoral votes is fragile to a relatively small shift in the popular vote.) So they’ve started, well, questioning his integrity and character.

The shift to dirty politics was quite clear at the end of June. As BarbinMD on Dailykos puts it:

“… McCain has questioned Barack Obama’s patriotism, his commitment to our troops serving overseas and has even stooped to thinly veiled charges of sedition, and McCain is willing to distort and lie to do so. It’s become clear that John McCain has made a conscious choice to throw his much vaunted honor under the bus.”

That bus would be the “Straight Talk Express”, of course.

Here’s an example. McCain takes a quote from a Castro speech critical of Obama to try to link Obama to Castro. This played in South Florida.

[Update: The latest McCain ad has been moved to a new post above.]

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6 Responses to “McCain goes for the low road”

  1. michelle2005 Says:

    Personally, I’m embarrassed for Senator McCain & his staff. You’re right, this is a new low. The thing that’s so blatant, is the fact this is the one thing he vowed he’d never do.

    Does he think the US citizens have forgotten what he said? I think not!

    Senator Obama is light years ahead of McCain in every way, every circumstance and every level. Thank you for publishing such a great post!



  2. exemployee Says:

    Putting factual ads out, like these, is not a smear campaign. It is putting out the truth. It is too bad if Barack Obama, and those like yourself, want to call this a smear campaign. If Obama said it publicly, and he did all of it, then it can be put out there to show the differences betweent the two candidates. That is how people get to make up their own minds…by seeing the differences in the two. McCain did nothing wrong, and he did not start sling mud. He just repeated what Obama said.

  3. roger nome Says:

    hmm – so equating a professor of law, and editor of a law journal with Britney Spears and Paris Hilton is “factual”? Tell me why we should ever take you seriously again?

  4. jafapete Says:

    Nome, I think that both of the comments above yours are from the US, and possibly related to the respective campaigns. Any posts with words like Obama are tagged in the WordPress site…

  5. Ben K Says:

    I guess some of the ads hit too close to home.

  6. michelle2005 Says:

    roger nome said, “hmm – so equating a professor of law, and editor of a law journal with Britney Spears and Paris Hilton is “factual”? Tell me why we should ever take you seriously again?’
    That’s the truth! Well said…actually when we first saw that particular ad, it was so ridiculous that my hubby laughed out loud. He said, surely no rational individual would believe such nonsense. Comparing Spears & Hilton to Senator Obama is beyond ridiculous…it’s comical.


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