More good oil on Peters

Another breath of sanity on the current Peters saga, this time from the Herald’s John Armstrong.

Looking more sagacious by the day, Armstrong notes that Peters’ confrontations with reporters serve a purpose; they provide a visual reinforcement for his story of a vast media conspiracy against him. Clever.

We can expect this farce to continue until the pressure to provide answers about the donations abates, says Armstrong. Peters’ reluctance to provide answers is due to a need to maintain the pretense that NZ First doesn’t do that stuff and is morally superior; the story is dying, so why revive it; parties don’t like to expose these dealings anyway; and, well, it’s Peters with dealing with here, isn’t it. The upshot:

“The Great Survivor may yet turn what looked a week ago to be a dreadful mess which might have cost him his job as Foreign Minister into yet another back-from-the-dead recovery.”

[Update: Judging from today’s parliamentary question time, the whole thing’s starting to lose its fizz. Where were Key and Clark? What’s Peters got against meerkats? Should we get Nandor back?]


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