A collection of political butterflies

Some interesting takes on the Nats’ conference.

The DomPost’s Tracy Watkin’s writes Inside the Beltway about National’s weird (my word) line-up of “new” candidates:

“Do the names Terry Heffernen, Marc Alexander and Stephen Franks mean anything to you? They are the latest political refugees to find a haven in National, joining Tau Henare who has made a successful political come-back with National after an obligatory period in the wilderness post-NZ First.”

A strange collection of political butterflies.

Heffernen’s been most places bar Labour: Social Credit, Democrats, the Alliance, NZ First and now National. Henare went from Mana Motuhake to NZ First to Mauri Pacific to National. Alexander is ex-United Future. Former ACT MP Franks “went to Mao’s China in 1976 to try to experience life on a commune”, but claims to have detested Communists all along. Go figure.

Franks looks distinctly out of place in the concertedly centrist National Party of 2008. He’s really a bit of an ideological anachronism. How this far-right purist fares with the bureaucrats of Wellington Central will be interesting, as they are probably the most politically attuned voters in the country.

Audrey Young blogs about “strange forces at work at Nats Party Conference.” As well as resurrecting old-fashioned Keynesian economics, the Nats have been beating the centrist drum hard, hoping to drown out any echoes of the neo-liberalism of recent times. Thus Katherine Rich, the Nats’ retiring social conscience, endorsed Key in cloying terms:

“I’d like to thank you, John, for pragmatic leadership, your genuine centre-right leadership, and also your social conscience. I know from the way you conduct yourself in the House that that strong social conscience is very much part of your signature and no Kiwi will be left behind.”

Bill English stressed how, “we can afford to protect the vulnerable and maintain vital social services.”

I wonder if Stephen Franks clapped that line?

Perhaps the Nats should adopt the butterfly as their new political logo.

The National Party Conference

The National Party Conference



37 Responses to “A collection of political butterflies”

  1. Anita Says:

    Indeed, as a Wellington Central voter Franks’ candidacy baffles me.

    That said, people keep telling me he’s a good candidate for Wgtn Central because he’s liberal. “Gosh darn,” I say “have you checked his voting record? Are you aware he tried to change the Human Rights Act to make it explicitly legal to discriminate against homosexuals?”

    I’m not quite sure what centrist-liberal cologne National is using, but it seems to be working.

  2. macdoctor01 Says:

    JP: All this is telling you is that National is a strong centrist party able to get consensus across a wide range of political views. Unlike labour, where disagreement with She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed is likely to result in dismemberment, unless you are Winston Peters.

    Perhaps Labour should adopt the Dodo as their new political logo. 🙂

  3. ak Says:

    Heh heh- we can afford to protect the vulnerable and maintain vital social services.”
    I wonder if Stephen Franks clapped that line?

    Thanks Jaff, laugh of the week!

    Rich, herself the author of a notorious beneficiary-bashing policy document, (and sacked by Brash for failing to endorse an even more fascistic bene-bashing progrom), now lauding Flim-flam Flipper for his “social conscience” despite a blatant and screaming vacuum on any pertinent policy!

    As you note, an odd motley of opportunistic neanderthals, gathering nervously under a soft poll umbrella awaiting the inevitable storm of reality from the NZ publc in the next poll.

    (oh and Macquack – word to the wise – like Brash’s racism, the “she-who-must-b-obeyed” – style misogynistic attacks are waning in efficacy – I’d suggest you just stick to the red herrings and whatever kudos you imagine you achieve via parading your purported medical degree – you never know, some naive voters may still attach some respectability to it, despite your concerted (albeit involuntary) efforts to the converse).

  4. macdoctor01 Says:

    AK47: Ad hominem arguments are usually a sign of a weak mind. But as you posted at 1am this morning, I will assume that you were just tired.
    And I’m sorry if my pseudonym appears to offend you. Another word to the “wise” – build a bridge and get over it, sunshine.

  5. AndrewE Says:

    Tut tut JP. Are we stealing other folks bandwidth by hotlinking directly to their images?

  6. jafapete Says:

    AndrewE, Thanks for explaining this to me privately. I was unaware of what I was doing but know better now. Pleased to have moved a tiny way up the learning curve!

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