Memo to National Caucus

Another National Party email has been leaked, this time to jafapete. It appears to refer to secretly taped conversations with senior National MPs Bill “Loose Lips” English and Lockwood Smith.

From: CT

To: John Key

4 August 2008

What’s up with you guys?! First English, now this Smith guy. The Plan depends on everyone sticking to the message and only the message. All the time. Hell, even Boris managed that much, after we stopped his booze supply.

You will need to reiterate to Caucus that all our polling and focus group data shows clearly that to win you need the Labour Plus voters thinking that they can bank Labour’s social policies and that they don’t have to worry about another round of Ruthanasia. This is a precondition to them accepting your tax cuts. ANY deviation from this line jeopardises the election.

They do not need to worry about party members. The big donors are sorted, and that’s all that matters at this point.

In the meantime, proceed with the “red herring” strategy we discussed yesterday. Our papers have promised to stress this aspect of the story. We need to bury it quickly so that it doesn’t interfere with the Peters scam.


[Update: The Standard note, in respect of the diversionary tactics employed by Key (i.e. say it’s Labour’s doing, even when you have no evidence) that, “Labour denies all knowledge and frankly they wouldn’t have the balls to do something like this. In desperation, Key also suggested that the tape is somehow doctored, which is ludicrous, seeing as English has already confessed to his comments…”]

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2 Responses to “Memo to National Caucus”

  1. macdoctor01 Says:

    I’m disappointed that the Standard hasn’t run your satirical email as the gospel truth. 😉

    I’ve met Bill English on a number of occasions at MOH-run meetings. He is a forthright chatty sort of bloke — a typical farm-boy. It would be fairly easy if you were a labour-leaning journalist — the most likely culprit — to maneuver a conversation around to something like Kiwibank and keep pressing until you had the result you wanted.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with English essentially saying the Government shouldn’t be running a bank. The Government should not be involved in a clearly commercial enterprise. I’m certain that the Kiwi-owned banks agree with me, as Kiwibank has taken a fair bit of their business away. Especially as Kiwibank has piggy-backed on NZ Post’s infrastructure, undercutting the costs of other banks in a quite anti-competetive way.

    This is a long way from saying that Kiwibank should be sold to foreign interests. It would be quite a good investment for all those mom & pop investment dollars current fleeing from the finance companies. 🙂

  2. roger nome Says:

    “The Government should not be involved in a clearly commercial enterprise.”

    Yeah that’s right. All banks should be foreign-owned so more of our capital flies overseas, our productivity and wages decrease, and our current account deficit worsens. I mean, seriously, are you an idiot or what?

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