Must-view TV: Sensing Murder on media7

Went to Tuesday’s media7 taping. It was a real cracker.

This week Sensing Murder came under the spotlight. The panel was the programme’s producer David Harry Baldock; journalist Caroll du Chateau; and Jeremy Wells, whose Sensing Bullshit on Eating Media Lunch lampooned the show.

I’d like to tell you my favourite moment. It came at the every end. But don’t want to spoil the fun for anybody who watches this gem.

As always, links to the on-demand version, and the other versions of the video on the media7 microsite and YouTube channel, can be found at Public Address and the media7 blog.


2 Responses to “Must-view TV: Sensing Murder on media7”

  1. roger nome Says:

    lol – it saddens me that there is a vein in the liberal left that buys into this tosh. Phil U, an otherwise intelligent person has even given the show, the “big ups”. God I felt embarrassed for him.

  2. Inventory2 Says:

    Oh my goodness! I find myself agreeing with roger nome!! How could this be?

    I2, Try for two in a row… look at Nome’s comment on the ‘new ladism’ in advertising.

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