Chief suspect in Key rubbish case collared


Note: At least Granny had the decency to publish this picture in this morning’s paper.

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4 Responses to “Chief suspect in Key rubbish case collared”

  1. Inventory2 Says:

    Phil Goff seemed to be in rare good humour yesterday; I have to commend him on his wit! Is there another BBQ at his place at Karaka this weekend?

  2. jafapete Says:

    Nope, not this weekend. Canvassing though from 0930-1230 tomorrow in Roskill if you’re interested.

  3. MacDoctor Says:

    Love the hoodie! 🙂

  4. barnsleybill Says:

    A rare moment of genuine wit from a senior labour member. The gnashing and snarling from some quarters about this pic has been a little disappointing.

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