Oh the hypocrisy!

Today’s SST breaks the story that John Key has been lining up Don “Brethren, what Brethren?” Brash for High Commissioner in London. Yep, that’s the plumiest job there is within the purview of the NZ government.

“Key told the Sunday Star-Times yesterday that no decision had been made ‘at this point’. However ‘we’re not saying it’s not possible that he could be used in some capacity by a future National government’.”

Recent incumbents include John “Mind that table” Collinge, former National Party president, and Jonathan Hunt a.k.a. the well-fed state, former Labour Party appendage personage.

Apparently, Key discussed giving Brash a post in either London or Washington when he replaced him in 2006 as party leader, as part of an effort to assuage the losers after the Key take-over. The report notes that “Key plans to end [the career diplomat incumbent’s] posting early and replace him with Brash in 2009.”

But wait! The effort to placate Brash and his people with job promises was lead by Murray McCully, you say? Surely not the same McCully who has been leading the Nats’ attack on political appointments all year?

Should we be surprised? Hypocrites.

[Update: QB at The Hive prides herself on being close to these matters — they loom so large in the close and incestuous little village that is Wellington. QB says, “We are frankly unconvinced. Washington would be our choice. There is talk around town about Bolger being offered London.” The SST’s analysis seems more sound. There is a very good reason not to send Brash to Washington: “Gone by lunchtime.”]


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2 Responses to “Oh the hypocrisy!”

  1. Queen Bee Says:

    Thanks for your reference and continuing adulation!

    Is “gone by lunchtime” an issue now that we are once more seen as a friend and ally – small “a”? We don’t think the relationship with the US is going to be an election issue. We hope it won’t be for the sake of the bilateral relationship.

    As we say, we don’t think that any decision has been made, nor will it until 19 October at the earliest, and even then it won’t be a priority. Best to wait until we know who will be in the White House. An Obama Presidency is going to be so bad in its first year or so, as the multiple contradictions in policy position are worked through it would be best to keep a career Ambassador such as the incumbent in the job.

    Have a good day.


  2. Inventory2 Says:

    JP – was it an oversight to fail to mention that Nicky Hager was one of the authors of this beat-up, or was that a deliberate ommssion on your part? I wasn’t aware that he was now a part of the SST’s editorial team!

    No, no oversight. QB at The Hive had something about Hubbard and Hager writing the SST’s editorials, but as the editorials aren’t on-line and I don’t have the paper, I’ll never know what that was about. Shame, sounded good.

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