Winston petering out in Tauranga

Winston Peters looks to be losing out in Tauranga to National’s youthful Simon Bridges.

A One News Colmar-Brunton poll of 519 people there has Peters trailing Bridges 28% to 48% with Labour’s Anne Pankhurst at 15%.

In the party vote, National is at 55%, Labour at 31% and NZ First at 6%.

Peters got 39.4% of the electorate vote and NZ First got 13.2% at the last election, so that’s a big thumbs down from Tauranga’s voters. Interestingly, and no one seems to have twigged to this, Labour got about the same proportion (30%) of the party vote and significantly less (11%) of the electorate vote in 2005.

The poll was taken between Thursday and Saturday, and has a margin of error of 4.3%.



3 Responses to “Winston petering out in Tauranga”

  1. just visiting Says:

    You’re right to point out Labour’s party vote. It should be much lower in Tauranga than nationally. 31% of the vote there would be a good election result for Labour.

    Now, when can we see a poll in Epsom? 😉

  2. stargazer Says:

    speaking of epsom, didn’t the polls show that mr hide would lose rather badly, even the ones close to the election? i’d take this one with a pinch of salt. i think it will depend on how much time he actually spends campaigning in the electorate, as opposed to the focus on a national campaign.

    Good point stargazer. The polls may have been misleading because people didn’t want to admit their intentions to vote for Hide. Perhaps it’s the same here.

  3. toad Says:

    No mention of how the Kiwi Party’s aerial spanker Larry Ballcock, oops, I mean Baldock, is doing though? Mind you, if Simon+Winston+Anne=91%, Larry can’t have much support, which is a relief.

    True, but I doubt it’s anywhere near 9%. As you must know.

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