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Bryce Edwards at Liberation posts on the Independent Financial Review’s pre-election survey of business opinion.

Apparently the business community is really down on Labour (surprise!) and doesn’t give it a show of winning (who cares, apart from Labour’s fundraisers, who must be finding it tough going). On the other hand, they’re not convinced that National will do their bidding, which is kind of reassuring.

Russell Brown posts on “The newest neocon catastrophe”: John McCain’s hopelessly compromised position on Georgia. Turns out that John “We’re all Georgians” McCain is advised by odious neocon Randy Scheunemann, who was registered until March as “a foreign agent working on behalf of the government of Georgia.” Russell outlines the neocon’s role in pushing the Georgians into their ill-fated action, along with “McCain’s previous campaigning to bring Georgia into NATO, in part on the frankly lunatic basis that Georgia is “one of the world’s first nations to adopt Christianity as an official religion”.”

Idiot Savant has posted on energy policy and climate change to good effect in recent days. Firstly, he noted that the concept of issuing National Policy Statements was floated first some two decades ago. Yesterday’s announcement of a National Policy Statement on renewable energy –er, actually, that the Statement is to be sent to an independent Board of Inquiry of public consultation — is a step in the right direction, but nobody could accuse the present government of rsuhing things.

Idiot’s post on National’s energy policy announcement today accuses National of “scaring people over security of supply in order to justify gutting the RMA and removing the ban on new thermal generation.” Idiot describes this as the “brown path, where we [focus] on meeting demand with large projects so as to ensure low prices to large industrial users”, as opposed to the green path, “where we [focus] on renewables and efficiency.”

Stef, a.k.a. ex-expat, posts at The Handmirror on the report that almost 10 per cent of pregnant woman in the Auckland/Waikato region are victims of violence during pregnancy, as does MacDoctor. Insightful posts, both.


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