Clod plod goads cad

As if yesterday’s efforts in the rehabilitate Veitch campaign weren’t enough, there’s even more hugely sympathetic reportage this morning.

Turns out that a cop accidentally left a tactless and none too sympathetic remark on Veitch’s answerphone. As Bomber at TUMEKE! points out, it was probably accidental — certainly sounded like it.

Cue another blatant attempt to manipulate public opinion:

“Veitch’s wife, Zoe Halford, … claims the remark left her wanting “to vomit”, and worried about possible police bias against her husband. It made me feel as if there was unprofessionalism and bias.”

Yes, that poor man Veitch, victim of his obssessed and grasping ex, the incompetent and biased police, the ‘trial by media’, and so on. Not his own brutish and violent behaviour. Never.


Seven charges have been laid against Veitch, spanning 2002 to 2006.

Paul at The Fundy Post posts to great effect on this.]


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3 Responses to “Clod plod goads cad”

  1. Inventory2 Says:

    Well said JP – I see he’ll be appearing in Courth this afternoon on seven charges, dating back to 2002.

    Now they’ve locked Veitch up, when do you reckon they’ll get round to see Megaphone Len?

  2. macdoctor01 Says:

    Yes, that poor man Veitch, victim of his obssessed and grasping ex, the incompetent and biased police, the ‘trial by media’, and so on.

    The very fact that there are so many vehement opinions floating around the blogosphere, indicates that he might be right about the “trial by media” stuff.

  3. ak Says:

    Title of the month Pete!

    Just back from my monthly nostalgie de la boue sortie to Key-wee blog – showered now and still staggered at the incredible numbers of misogynists we still have with us. A man kicks a woman on the ground with sufficient force to break her spine – yet still our proud conservatives find her at fault. Words fail me – just when you think we’re maturing as a nation and the last strands of red-neckery are dying in isolated provincial backwaters, along comes this putrid torrent of rabid “anti-Helen” bile we’ve endured the last three years – exemplified in this latest insane outburst. Let’s hope it’s just the last dying squeals of that thwarted middle-aged lad cohort – the only polls reporting gender/age categories suggest as much.

    (IV: you must live a very sheltered life if you think that ineffectual megaphone brush equates in any way to kicking a female on the ground till her back breaks…..either that or you’re an obsessed tory partisan who’ll go to any length whatsoever to try and make an incredibly petty political point…) “)

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