The Tui are back. Yeah Right!

It would be selfish of me not to share one of Mt Eden’s best kept secrets. For a few weeks every year, Fairview Rd is resplendent in blossom and the Tui flock to feast on it by the dozen.

We went for a walk this morning down Fairview Rd, as the blossom on some trees is already out, and is threatening to bloom on the others.

The Tui have started to return for their annual extended picnic. Even at this point we counted getting on to twenty birds and could hear their happy song and deep-throated gurgling all around.

By the weekend it should be possible to stand under a single pink cloud of blossom and glory in the sight and song of upwards a dozen birds. On a fine day it makes for a special spring spectacle, and can be combined with a coffee at Altar, just a few steps up Mt Eden Rd.


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6 Responses to “The Tui are back. Yeah Right!”

  1. AndrewE Says:

    Excellent. I’ve picked up a new appreciation of how lucky we are to live in Auckland as a result of my running.

  2. toms Says:

    It’s fantastic to see the increasing re-colonisation of Auckland city by Tui’s. On my run there are about three (possibly four) pockets of them and I always keep an eye out for their beautiful call.

  3. Inventory2 Says:

    Our golf course is undergoing a major makeover. Hundreds of low-grade pine were ripped out last year, and the Course Superintendant is about to start a planting blitz of native trees to replace them – particularly Pohutukawa and Kowhai which flourish out here by the sea. We’ve had a few native birds come calling over the last few years, but as the new trees get established, we should see the birds back in big numbers which will be great – even when my golf is cr*p, it will be a pleasant experience!

  4. roger nome Says:

    Lucky buggers. No Tui down here in Dunedin. Plenty of wood-pigeon/kereru though. On my way to and from Uni I often walk within a meter of one feasting on berries. It takes about 5 seconds to react, then flies away. No wonder they were such a staple part of south-island Maori diet!
    Thanks Nome. I was thinking of mentioning the abundance of kereru in Dunedin in my post. I have enjoyed them greatly when in the city. We have a few around Auckland, but only in places like Waiheke and out West. Hope someone’s doing a study of the increasing native bird population in our cities.

  5. roger nome Says:

    Actually I saw a Tui in the botanic gardens today. It was beautiful and sunny. Damn I needed that vitamin D!

  6. Christina Bridson Says:

    Would love to see photos!

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