On being outed

[Edit: It was a mistake after all! Chris doesn’t do the admin stuff, and didn’t realise that my name would be put on on the blog-roll, as he confirms below.]

Well, it was going to happen sooner or later. At my request Chris Trotter has listed my blog on his blogroll and included my name alongside. He has little time for pseudonyms, which is how it should be, and would be in a perfect world.

How does it feel being exposed for who I am? Well, it does feel very exposed. Not so long ago someone wrote something quite threatening on kiwiblog. For no reason. Such people do exist in the blogosphere, and when I read the comments in question I understood why the contributors to some left-wing blogs (and possibly right-wing blogs) prefer anonymity.

While I wish that Chris had asked before doing this I am not unhappy. But I shall continue to blog under the alias “jafapete”, because that name has some recognition in the blogosphere.

On another note the TUMEKE rankings have come out and they put me at #30 for July. So I was placed too high at #27 for “June”, and now I’m too low for “July”. The “Hit counter” that comes with the wordpress blog that I use shows clear gains in readers each month: 156 in April, 794 in May, 3211 in June, 6949 in July and 5417 so far this month. As of this minute, the Alexa rankings are 1,261 (NZ) and 880,944 (3 mo), which probably puts the blog in TUMEKE’s top twenty.

And best of all the comments keep increasing! Thanks.


7 Responses to “On being outed”

  1. macdoctor01 Says:

    Wouldn’t worry, JP. The type of people who write rabid comments in blogs are generally harmless in real life. And the really dangerous weirdos are attracted to celebrities.

    It’s me you have to worry about.

    I’m a Vampire.

    And I know where you live… 🙂

  2. toms Says:

    Hey! You’ve got a Wikipedia entry! Youse is famous!!! My comic (sorry – animated book) reading flatmate wants to meet you. Unfortunately, he is a bloke and not a hot blond. Nice bloke though.

    Sorry to disappoint, toms, but I’m the boring academic, not the scifi short film director. There are at least another four people with my name in NZ, and a third was a detective inspector who was occasionally on the news, and then wrote a book about child abuse. Try putting my name (in quotes) with “zealand” in google scholar.

  3. Inventory2 Says:

    Coming out eh JP! Fear not, the lefties will be gone post-election, and there will be not witch-hunts or Spanish inquisitions – speaking of which, and shamelessly link-whoring, did you see the video on this post yesterday?


    BTW – your numbers look good – are they page views or visits?

  4. adamsmith1922 Says:


    I think Mr Trotter is wrong in his approach to the use of pseudonyms, there are many valid reasons why they are adopted. There is nothing inherently evil or dishonourable in their use.

    The fact that some choose to use a pen name to spout abuse does not mean all of us are the same.

  5. tomsto Says:

    So not so famous on teh internetz then 😦

    toms, maybe I could ask my namesake for a minor role in one of his lil films.. 🙂

  6. Chris Trotter Says:

    Peter, mate, I really am so sorry.

    What I interpreted as a simple request, made for the purposes of record-keeping, ended up with you staring into the spotlight of unwanted public exposure.

    I thought I was too old to fall into the traps for young players – apparently not.

    I definitely owe you a large drink tonight at Galbraith’s!

  7. Paul Williams Says:

    JP, you’re blog’s a great addition to the ‘sphere, not least of all because it’s calm and rational. Keep up the great work.

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