It’s Biden for Obama VP

Barack Obama has selected Senator Joe Biden as his running mate.

As Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, he has street cred and years of experience in foreign policy. That should help counter Republican attacks on Obama’s lack of experience in that area.

It also signals, in my view, a fair degree of confidence on the part of Obama’s campaign that they didn’t need to come up with a really exciting choice that would shake up the election campaign.

A fairly safe choice, even if he doesn’t always choose his words too carefully. And some say he’s “no true friend of working men and women.”

CNN scooped the story. Seems the Secret Service people showed up at Biden’s house before the announcement.

Oh, and one interesting things is that, should McCain announce former Governor Mitt Romney as his running mate, it’s going to blow all the elitist meme right out the window. Biden is one of the least wealthy Senators. Romney is worth more than $US200m by most estimates.

Update: Adam at Inquiring Mind points me to Marc Ambinder’s blog post about how Biden is not a comfort zone pick for Obama. As Adam points out, Ambinder’s analysis is similar to my own.


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