McCain — homes sweet homes

If you thought it off that a “silver-spoon fed Navy brat” married to a $100m+ heiress who wears $520 black leather Ferragamo shoes should call a scholarship kid from a poor broken home “elitist”, then here’s some good news.

Last Wednesday McCain was asked in an interview with Politico how many houses he and his wife own. He couldn’t remember:

“I think — I’ll have my staff get to you. It’s condominiums where — I’ll have them get to you.”

Now that’s what I call serious money, top drawer, solid gold elitist! McCain’s campaign is desperately trying to spin this by saying that the McCain’s have “really only four” houses, while Obama’s single house is a “frickin’ mansion.”

However, Progressive Accountability counts 10 homes, ranches, condos, and lofts, worth an estimated $13,823,269 all up.

“John and Cindy McCain own a plethora of houses spread throughout the United States, including: two beachfront condos in Coronado, California, condo in La Jolla, California, a two-unit condominium complex in Phoenix, Arizona, three ranch houses located outside of Sedona, Arizona, a high-rise condo in Arlington, Virginia, a rental loft, and, according to GQ, a loft they bought for their daughter, Meghan.”

Not bad for an anti-elitist.

Let’s compare McCain’s net worth with that of his “elitist” opponent. The non-partisan Sunlight Foundation did an analysis of their net worth in 2006 based on their personal financial disclosure.

No prizes for guessing which candidate is worth about $36 million and which one is worth $799,000. Yep, that old anti-elitist McCain’s net worth is over 45 times greater than Obama’s. Or, Obama’s is 2.2% that of McCain’s.

When it comes to elitism, there’s really no competition. (See also this earlier post.)

MacDoctor thinks that this post illustrates the trivial nature of American politics. In a way it does. It is both sad and bizzare that the most important election in the world should be decided on the basis of patently ridiculous smears as McCain’s. The problem is that they appear to work.


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4 Responses to “McCain — homes sweet homes”

  1. Redbaiter Says:

    How many houses does that working class icon Helen Klark own again Pete??

    Redbaiter, but she isn’t accusing her opponent of being elit… oops.

  2. Inventory2 Says:

    Oh really JP! A touch of residence-envy there eh?

    I2, My house is plenty big enough!

  3. Skin-Deep Society | MacDoctor Moments Says:

    […] to Jafapete for illustrating the trivial nature of American Politics so eloquently. Tagged in: Helen Clark, John Key, McCain, Obama, Plastic Surgery, Push […]

  4. macdoctor01 Says:

    Don’t you think that McCain’s vagueness about his houses stems from the fact that most belong to his wife?

    PS. Apologies about the troll-link, but I couldn’t resist 🙂

    Well yeah, but McCain calling Obama elitist is like a draft-dodger who didn’t even complete his Texas Air National Guard training running a campaign discrediting his Bronze Star, Silver Star and three Purple Hearts awarded Vietnam hero opponent… Oh dear.

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