Sunday paps

Slim pickings in the HoS. But somebody sensible got to write the editorial for a change, and there’s a thoughtful discussion of the Green’s dilemma:

“The Green Party’s agonised indecision about whether to support Labour’s proposed Emissions Trading Scheme is, in microcosm, the story of the species’ failure to face up to climate change.”

So true. The editorial comes to a conclusion about the current dilemma not dissimilar to that expressed here and by Chris Trotter:

“The boilerplate answer to the party’s dilemma is that that the practice of politics is one of tactical compromise. In showing itself to be a reliably pragmatic partner of Labour, the Greens could keep alive the possibility of a Labour-led, centre-left coalition Government after the election; in spurning legislation that does not fulfil all their expectations they risk looking like purist ideologues, aloof from and irrelevant to the hard business of governing.”

Well, call us boilerplates then! The editorial then adds a rider that both Chris (I am sure) and I endorse without reservation:

“The danger is that, if the ETS passes with Green support, the main parties – and the country – will sit back and regard the job as done.”

Elsewhere in the HoS, Bill Ralston provides a more balanced perspective on the PM’s control freakery.

Fran O’Sullivan discovers at a Business Round Table how the “dead hand of the state is contributing to the country’s rather alarming productivity record.” What a surprise! (I hope Granny’s been billing the BRT for Fran’s publicist work over the years.)

And Matt (not on-line) bemoans the lost opportunity to pressure China to treat its people better. Something no-one would disagree with, but not startling. Still, Matt probably was more worried about a big rat, that I hope to post on soon.


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