Drinking Liberally in Auckland tonight

Don’t forget! Drinking Liberally is on in Auckland tonight with Laila Harre as the speaker. These are always fun to listen to the speaker and you get to do some networking.

WHAT: Drinking Liberally Auckland City
WHO: You and any of your left-leaning companeros
WHEN: 7.30pm, Wednesday 27th August
WHERE: London Bar, cnr Wellesley & Queen Sts (opposite Civic). The entrance to the bar is around on Wellesley St, you need to go up the stairs and we will probably be congregating at the far end by the stage, fiddling with the sounds.
WITH: Laila Harre – prominent union leader, well-known leftie and feminist, bane of Matthew Hooton’s Mondays, and former Cabinet Minister in the early days of the current Labour-led government.
COST: Free, just need to keep yourself fed and watered.



4 Responses to “Drinking Liberally in Auckland tonight”

  1. Inventory2 Says:

    I wonder if Winston Peters will be “drinking liberally” tonight 😉

    I2, His drinking might be the only thing he does “straight”.

  2. Monkeyking Says:

    Are you implying that there is a close relationship between Winston and Tommy Gear JP?

    Oops, no Monkeyking, that’s not what I meant. I meant as in straight talk.

  3. Julie Says:

    Thanks for the promo Pete, it went really well, Laila made some very interesting points about the union movement in her speech, and more in response to questions, so I hope we’ll be able to get some video up 🙂 Did you have a good time at the opera?

    Look forward to the video. We were entertaining a visiting academic last night, so I missed it 😦

  4. Julie Says:

    Ah I retract my scurrilous assertion that you were an opera-goer, our mutual friend must have been misinformed 😉

    Julie, she’s been very busy. I went to a recital concert on Monday night, though.

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