More blues for Boris

And you still won’t find this on kiwiblog.

Last month I posted about how the newly installed Mayor of London Boris Johnson had lost two senior advisors. Well, he’s gone and lost another.

After only a few months in the job, first deputy mayor Tim Parker has resigned. Parker, a prominent businessman, said he was resigning because he didn’t think Johnson needed a full-time first deputy mayor. City Hall insiders said that the move was the result of ‘restructuring’.

At least this time the resignation didn’t follow a controversy. But how does that old saying go, “To lose one senior advisor might be regarded as misfortune…” The word is that the eighth floor of City Hall is rife with chaos. It would be funny if London weren’t one of the world’s great cities.

You could put it down to those nice Crosby-Textor people who apparently repackaged Boris and sold the inexperienced lightwieght to the unsuspecting burghers, who had grown tired of the sour-faced, though competent, incumbent. Still, couldn’t happen here, could it!?



2 Responses to “More blues for Boris”

  1. Thomas the Unbeliever Says:

    Perhaps you could give equal time to all the corruption investigations/prosecutions starting to knock over senior members of the previous regime of “Red Ken” – including Ken himself. If you are interested in dirt in London politics there is plenty to go around.

  2. UK Voter Says:

    There is an argument that if many of the existing advisors remained, it would just be more of the same. Boris committed himself to change, therefore Londoners must trust his judgment and if that means that some policy advisors are replaced, the so be it. If it were a business, the shareholders would not be unduly concerned provided the CEO appeared in control, knew what direction he was taking and the end goal. I think we should all give Boris a chance to show what he is made of.

    UK, except that these are people that he appointed. I am hoping that he learns some “people skills” or gets someone to advise him on these matters. Quick. I don’t want to see London suffer either.

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