Listen up climate sceptics — it’s Boris talking

London’s new Mayor and hero of the kiwiblog right has issued a stern warning to Londoners. Launching London’s Climate Change Adaptation Strategy he says that in the future…

“Londoners will face an increased risk of floods, droughts and heatwaves that will endanger the prosperity of the city and the quality of life for all.”

Yup, even Boris Johnson has recognised the terrible consequences of climate change, and the need to take action now, before it’s too late.

Listen to Boris!

Listen to Boris!


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5 Responses to “Listen up climate sceptics — it’s Boris talking”

  1. Redbaiter Says:

    Most of your posts give the impression you think Boris is an idiot. He buys into the current left wing myth of human induced climate change, and suddenly his words are an example to us all. What is he then? A fool or a wise prophet?

  2. jafapete Says:

    No redbaiter, intelligence is a multi-faceted thing, and I have no doubt that in some ways Johnson is a lot brighter than me. In other ways he is challenged.

    Anyway, I was a regular reader of the Speccie under Johnson’s editorship, and can only laugh at his apparent conversion. Nope, I was using this to bait the righties, and can’t believe how well I succeeded! 🙂

  3. stephen23 Says:

    The UK is probably the most ‘into’ the whole AGW thing in the world, he’d be crucified for saying anything other than ‘action now!’

    And a good thing too! Oh, that’s not what you meant?

  4. stephen23 Says:

    I must confess I don’t know enough about Boris to know *what* the hell I meant. If he has experienced a ‘conversion’ (praise tha LORD!!!), then I am suggesting political expediency, or political correctness even.

  5. UK Voter Says:

    I will always give credit to politicians that are prepared to listen and if necessary, be persuaded as to the merits of a particular argument. Whilst Boris may not be convinced, he is certainly demonstrating a trait that would be an attribute for any politician, to listen, be persuaded and then make up his own mind, even if it differs from his previous position.

    Yep, UK, you have a point. And then when they do make up their mind after listening to the evidence (e.g. Helen Clark with smacking), we give them a hard time for flipflopping or lying. It’s a politician’s lfe…

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