Barack or Paris?

John Key has compared himself with Barack Obama in today’s Financial Times.

“I’m a bit like Obama. I am not institutionalised in Wellington,” Mr Key told the Financial Times from his parliamentary office. “I had 18 years in the commercial world and I will be quite pragmatic.”

Umm, Obama didn’t have 18 years in the commercial world. He worked as a community organizer and practised as a civil rights lawyer, which is vastly different from working at Merrill Lynch.

He’s not promising pragmatism, either. Rather, “change you can believe in.”

He’s proposing a detailed programme of progressive reform. Not odd scraps of policy in bullet points that are deliberately vague in the places where right-wing reforms are planned.

The FT does make the point that should he win Key, “will become the most inexperienced politician to lead New Zealand in more than 100 years if he succeeds in winning government. Hadn’t heard that before, but then I’ve been reading the Herald. Note to self: read more quality overseas papers to learn the truth about what’s going on in NZ.

Key like Obama? I would have thought Paris Hilton, but then, she put on a flawless performance in that last video.

[Update: Helen Clark has labelled the comparison “ludicrous”.]


5 Responses to “Barack or Paris?”

  1. macdoctor01 Says:

    Key was obviously comparing the high level of political “freshness” that both he and Obama have in common. Neither of them are tainted by the political tar of, respectively, Wellington or Washington. This is made crystal clear by this very next sentence “I am not institutionalised in Wellington”.

    If you believe that Key thinks he’s like Obama in any other way, you’ve got to cut down on whatever it is you’re smoking! Just now you will be authoritatively pointing out that Key is white and Obama is black! 😉

    MacDoc, do you claim to know what he meant by “I am not institutionalised in Wellington”? I thought that he probably meant to say, “I am not institutionalised in the ways of Wellington”. But, who’s to say?

  2. Inventory2 Says:

    Very good JP – complete and utter twaddle, but very well put, and entirely expected 😉

  3. Inventory2 Says:

    Oh yes, and the Paris Hilton comment – which video were you referring to lol – the videos that made her famous probably didn’t have a lot of dialogue!!!

    I2, I do say the “last video”, which I have posted on.

  4. Inventory2 Says:

    I’ll have to take your word for it JP – the only knowledge I have is hearsay!!

  5. macdoctor01 Says:

    JP: I thought he probably meant “I’m not a beehive basket-case”, but he’s not as good at speaking directly as the MacDoctor! 🙂

    Of course, he may have meant that the mental health facility he normally uses is in Auckland….

    MacDoc, Hell, I didn’t think of that! What an admission.

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