As Tane puts it over at the Standard:

“It’s busy, the message is confusing, and the strapline seems completely at odds with the lines they’ve been building up for the past five years.”

He’s right about busy and confusing. Not sure about that last bit. Colin James keeps hinting that they have some big policy announcements to make in the area of innovation and research. We’ll see.

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2 Responses to “Clever/Never”

  1. Tane Says:

    Hey Pete, I was just getting at the “Brighter Future” line. I follow the Nats’ messaging pretty closely and it’s not a line I’ve ever heard them use before. Strange, when everything else they do is so very on-message.

  2. Jamie Walton Says:

    Are the Nats proposing to get rid of education fees and bring back stronger union representation in the workplace? – I don’t think so. So they should shut up about Kiwis leaving NZ.

    The main reason skilled Kiwis go overseas is to earn enough money to pay down their student loans for their education fees (which most current MPs in NZ never had to borrow or pay). And the main reason most Kiwis have to go overseas, mainly to Australia or the UK, to get a decent paying job is because in Australia most employees are still covered by union-negotiated industry awards (I had to go to Australia to get my first job that was covered by an award) and in the UK there is a tax loop-hole for people from overseas working on relatively short-term contracts (like most Kiwis I know there do).

    I do not advocate compulsory unionisation (or compulsory anything) like we had in NZ until 1983, but I know living incomes and working conditions were much better in NZ before the unions were decimated in the late 1980s and early 1990s by first the Labs and then the Nats, and I know that living incomes and working conditions are better in Australia now mainly because strong union representation of employees has remained there. This is a fact of experience.

    I do not advocate tax loop-holes (or any tax), but I know that most Kiwis can take advantage of them in the UK, and that this is the main reason thay are going there to get the jobs that are ‘weighted’ because they are relatively short-term contracts; if this were not the case, then there would be no clear advantage, as the comparable cost of living and overall tax burden in the UK for UK citizens and permanent residents is much higher than in NZ. This is a fact of investigation.

    I do advocate free access to education, because the whole society benefits from better education. This is an obvious fact which needs no more evidence than comparing present civilisation with that of 10,000 BC.

    I can understand why the Nats ignore these simple facts; their policies do not address these facts, so they make up another good-sounding story instead.

    It also seems that the Labs are willing to ignore these inconvenient truths as well, as they go against their still prevailing ‘free market’ ideology (belief system), which they should know is rapidly unravelling even here in the USA (of course, you will not here about this in the media, or officially). It might not be gone by lunch-time, but it could start becoming gone by Christmas-time. The fact of the matter is that NZ is the only country in the world gullible enough to have implemented such ideologically pure ‘free market’ policies, not even the USA has been tricked into going so far down that road to serfdom.

    I am not going to hold my breath though. People who really care about the world in which we live have to learn how to see through the propaganda and get together to speak truth to power – we cannot allow ourselves to be held in an imaginary prison of insane ideas. We have to get real, very soon, and now is always the best time to start.

    It will be interesting to see which of the politicians and ‘advisors’ in NZ will hold on to the orthodox mythologies the longest. Hopefully the insanity that was done so quickly after 1984 can be undone just as quickly.

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