Peters: The other story

Chris Trotter points out that those expected to investigate whether notice of the SFO inquiry into donations to Winston Peters was leaked to National are the very same recipients of leaks from right-wing sources about the same donations to Peters. He asks, who is watching the watchers?

That there has been a well orchestrated campaign designed to eliminate Peters politically — thereby easing National/ACT’s path to power — has been pretty clear from about week 2. I’ve posted on it here and here. More recently Trotter revealed being told that, “There’s a big pot of money out there to get Peters this time – big money.”

Now Trotter’s provided some questions for our fearless investigative media purveyors of leaked ammunition against Winston Peters:

1. When Alan Gibbs donated $100,000 to Act earlier this year was this the sort of return he had in mind?

2. Who is currently employing/supporting the individual who leaked the material identifying the Vela Brothers?

3. Are Owen Glenn’s actions motivated by a public-spirited interest in transparency, or by a desire to be revenged upon the Labour Government for publicly humiliating him at the opening of the Auckland Business School?

4. How did a copy of a videotape thought to be securely contained at TVNZ headquarters in Auckland end up in the hands of Rodney Hide?

5. Why is that tape being presented to the public as containing vital evidence against Winston Peters – when his name isn’t mentioned even once?

6. If Gallery (and other) journalists are not being fed by Opposition parties, how is it that the right-wing blogosphere is abuzz with the information they are about to release – before they release it?

We’ll probably the the answers one day — there’s a good book in this — but not in time for the voters to know the truth behind current events. And not from those who are so inextricably involved.



2 Responses to “Peters: The other story”

  1. MikeG Says:

    Another question: how did the Dom-Post get a copy of the cheques? Aren’t the banks meant to look after those once deposited?

  2. Stephen Says:

    Good point – the Dom has gotten hold of a LOT of stuff in the past few months.

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