Powder man arrested

Police have arrested a 61 year-old Taranaki man in relation to the white powder scare at the Beehive last month.

When the scare was first reported, Idiot Savant at No Right Turn headlined his post, “The kiwiblog right strikes again.” I guess we’ll see, now, whether Idiot’s right about this. Let’s see, if it’s a Taranaki man that lets Dad for Justice off the hook. (Not that I ever thought it was you, Dad 🙂 )

In passing I would note that, while I agree with the tenor of Idiot’s original post, “This is what happens when you pursue a conscious strategy of whipping up hate and pandering to extremists … in New Zealand we’re lucky that it just leads to extremely obnoxious pranks”, the only two political assassinations in this country — apart from the more-or-less accidental death of Fernando Pereira — were of trade unionists. Frederick John Evans in 1912 and Ernie Abbott in 1984. RIP.

Update: That said, whipping up hate and pandering to extremists doesn’t just apply to the right, as Redbaiter points out in a comment below. Louis Farrakhan?
Seems Irish Bill at The Standard had the same thought.



6 Responses to “Powder man arrested”

  1. AndrewE Says:

    Let’s not forget the people killed on the Rainbow Warrior. Or were they not killed. I forget.

    Sorry, Andrew, I should have made it clearer.

  2. Inventory2 Says:

    Andrew – that’s the Fernando Pereira, Greenpeace photographer that JP refers to.

  3. just visiting Says:

    Simple question: which is worse, this man’s action or the recordings at National’s conference?

    The answer’s also simple: this is definitely a crime (hence the charge), intended to cause fear and major inconvenience. The recording may also be a crime (debatable) but caused no harm beyond embarrassment.

    Therefore, the actions and political motivation of this person must logically be subject to AT LEAST as much media investigation (or speculation) as the secret recorder.

    Just a few phone calls should do it. If the media can be bothered.

  4. Redbaiter Says:

    The truth is that there’s no chance this person will have even the slightest connection to Kiwiblog. The assertion that he might is just another example of the left’s apparent only strategy these days. Beaten on very front in the competition of ideas, they’ve given up and now focus solely on the smear.

    Chris Trotter labels internet dissenters fascists. Leftist websites are offering rewards up to $5000 for “dirt” on Sarah Palin’s and members of her family. Idiot Savant without a skerrick of evidence, alleges some nutter using powder to scare people, is a Kiwiblog personality.

    I don’t know how anybody with even a milligram of self respect can identify with today’s left. They appear to be sinking into a swamp of cowardice and sleaze to an extent that even I, with my first hand experience of just how vicious and hateful they can be, find it hard to believe.

  5. just visiting Says:

    Actually, the truth is that we know the charge, the name, address and occupation and little else. I hope we will learn more, and it is in the public interest that we do.

    The rest of Redbaiter’s rant isn’t worth bothering with.

  6. stephen23 Says:

    and what point was there saying that after people have read it? 😀

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