Glenn adamant Peters asked for donation

Owen Glenn has affirmed to the Parliamentary Privileges Select Committee that Winston Peters asked for the donation last December about which Peters says he knew nothing until July (letter here):

“My recollection is that I was called by Mr Peters to seek financial assistance for his electoral petition challenge. I agreed to that request because I understood that it would be of assistance to the Labour Party, which had the confidence and supply agreement with New Zealand First at the time we spoke. I do not recall that I had any conversation with Mr Henry about my donation. There is absolutely no doubt that the request came to me from Mr Peters. I would not have made the donation on any other basis through any intermediary. I did not do so.”

Glenn also provides details of the first meeting with Peters that he recalls, on 3pm in Sydney on Friday 12 August at the Four Seasons Hotel, and asserts that he met Peters at the Karaka sales in 2006, as he was not at the sales in 2007.

Glenn will appear in person before the Committee next Tuesday, and Peters has delayed his appearance until after Glenn’s.

So, the fire’s been stoked for another week, and Peters’ credibility stays on the line.

Update: Idiot Savant points out that:

“The administrators of the Spencer Trust have admitted they channelled more than $10,000 to NZ First in 2007. Despite a clear requirement in the law, this money was never declared by the party in its annual return of donations – a prima facie breach of the law.”

He says that the Electoral Commission must investigate this apparent breach before the 16 November deadline, “and if a case can be made, bring charges.” He’s right.

Update2: It seems the Electoral Commission think so too.

4 Responses to “Glenn adamant Peters asked for donation”

  1. Redbaiter Says:

    “and Peter’s credibility stays on the line.”

    “Stays ON THE LINE”..????????

    Good grief. I’m speechless.

  2. AndrewE Says:

    You’re veering into hackery I reckon!

  3. showmethetaxcut Says:

    Peters does not have any credibility.

    He has been exposed as a political hypocrite regardless of whether the PC finds he should have declared the Glenn donation.

  4. Inventory2 Says:

    JP – as others have so eloquently stated, Peters’ credibility is not on the line. His credibility was shot to pieces quite some time ago.

    What is on the line however is whether the government STILL has the numbers to pass the Climate Change (Emissions Trading and Renewable Preference) Bill.

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