Obama’s convention bounce

It took a few days, but the lift in the polls for Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama is now a “fairly typical convention bounce” as Rasmussen puts it.

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Tuesday gave Obama a six point lead with “leaners” included. Today (Wednesday US time)  Obama attracts 48% against 43% for McCain and when “leaners” are included, it’s 50% against 45%.

The story across the polls is very similar, with the RCP polling average showing Obama ahead by 5.8%, 48.8% to 43%. Gallup has Obama on 50% for the first time, eight points ahead of McCain.

Possibly more important for the final outcome, Rasmussen reports that  Obama’s favorable ratings increased from 55% before the convention to 59% at the peak of the bounce. And, “the number of Americans who say that the Democrat is too inexperienced for the job has typically been in the low-to-mid forties. However, following the convention, that number fell to the lowest level yet recorded—38%.” (The change in favourable ratings hasn’t been reflected in the RCP figures yet.)

So, Obama’s back to his biggest lead of the year, which he reached following his Berlin speech and rock-star world tour. He’s yet to hammer home the deal, but things are looking better on that front. There’s been a clear movement of hitherto undecideds towards Obama.All the more reason to expect a vitriolic attack on Obama in McCain’s acceptance speech.


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2 Responses to “Obama’s convention bounce”

  1. Redbaiter Says:

    I reckon Pete that that 50% figure arising from his convention idolatry is the best Obama will ever do. The trend line is starting come back to a more realistic level, and (IMHO) the attacks on Sarah Palin are going to backfire on the left big time.

    You’ve lost, and you started losing when you all went spare over Palin. The viciousness of the attacks on her are so excessive, and this time I get the feeling that the left and their media darlings have just pushed it too far. Surely the public are not so immune to the propaganda of the left to not see this disgusting attack on Sarah Palin for what it really is — an exhibition of thuggish hate and intolerance that is beyond the pale in any democratic process in a civilized country. It’s just Bolshevism.

  2. jafapete Says:

    Aw, Redbaiter, which campaign has been running the most negative ads, with the widest coverage this year?

    After enduring all these attacks on their candidate’s readiness, you can hardly blame the left for going all out when McCain choses a running mate — only one incorrect biopsy away from the presidency, remember — whose qualifications for the job are running a three-stoplight town for a while, and two years running a state with half the population of Auckland. Who says “What does the vice president do?” Who’s under investigation for an ethics violation. Who has a proud history of success in getting earmarks. Etc, etc.

    I don’t think that the attacks will backfire, because these are all importnat issues. Much more so than, say, Gary Hart and Donna Rice.

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