Less Te Reo Maori badges. Better litracy.

The Greens have opened up a new front in the battle of the billboards, with some neatly effective offerings. Chris Trotter gives them high praise.

Meanwhile, the Nats’ efforts continue not to inspire.

For those who don’t see the Herald, this was, “snapped on Fanshawe St, Auckland, by Stephen Minhinnick.”

Better still, they show off their lack of literacy with their latest effort. They mean “fewer bureaucrats”…

The Nats’ next offering:

Less Te Reo Maori badges. Better litracy.

[Update: Improvements on the doctors/nurses billboard at 08 wire and The Standard.]

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5 Responses to “Less Te Reo Maori badges. Better litracy.”

  1. Truthseekernz Says:

    Thanks for posting these. I hadn’t seen them elsewhere. The Green ones are pretty good. Simple and effective. They invoke optimism and positive values.

    National’s ones tend to invoke prejudices and play on negativity and I that alone makes me suspicious – no matter who does it.

  2. The Yoof strike again : 08wire - The smartest political fun in the galaxy Says:

    […] work also The Standard, Jafapete, and Grant Robertson for also taking the piss. This is starting to seem a bit like some friendly […]

  3. ak Says:

    You byoody greenies – finally getting your sometimes-flaky effluent together. Keep this up and follow with some nice landscapes and I’ll back you for 10% plus.

    And white crosses on the side of the road for the tories? Straight after burning a potential partner, leaks, $50 tolls and selling Kiwibank? Love is in the air, every time I look around…..

  4. ak Says:

    (ahh.. that was deliberately “byoody” Pete, as in slangerised “you beauty”…)

    Sorry, ak, changed it back. Thought you were being ironical. Why would I have thought that?!

  5. Stephen Says:

    I only realised it was on purpose when I saw that ‘y’ is too far away from the ‘l’ to be a case of sausage fingers!

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