Morris Iemma resigns, Nathan Rees succeeds

Water Minister Nathan Rees is the new Premier of NSW. Carmel Tebbutt is his deputy, the first female Deputy Premier in NSW.

NSW Premier Morris Iemma stepped down this morning after the Right faction of the NSW Labor Party rejected his proposed frontbench reshuffle following the shock retirement this week of Deputy Premier John Watkins, and he was told he had lost the support of MPs as a result.

Iemma yesterday sacked his Treasurer after the State Government lost the support of the Liberal Party opposition for electricity privatisation in the NSW Upper House, where it does not hold a majority.


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2 Responses to “Morris Iemma resigns, Nathan Rees succeeds”

  1. stephen23 Says:

    State politics now? You’re a serious one.

    Cripes, cobber, it eez Australia’s beeggest state, with 6.5 meellion people.

  2. stephen23 Says:

    Hey whatever butters your toast, spins your wheel, skins yer kangaroo mate.

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