From last cab to first limo

After reviewing the last couple of weeks and the turnaround in Labour’s fortunes, Matt McCarten in the HoS writes:

“The polls in the past two weeks must give real hope to Labour strategists. The gap between these two parties is closing to single digits. … if Labour gets within 10 points of National, it has a chance of pulling off a record fourth term … Labour’s ally, the Green Party, is certain to be returned in greater numbers. Add that to Labour’s numbers and the gap closes to almost the margin of error.”

Matt notes that the downside of Key’s big gamble should Peters not get charged with something serious is Peters back in parliament with at least 6 MPs, “… and you wouldn’t want to put money on the possibility that Peters can’t pull off one last trick.” Except that Key has.

Should Peters reach 5% he says, the Maori Party become the kingmakers. (I can see this happening without NZ First in Parliament under present trends. Once again, he warns that:

“There was an assumption the Maori Party would lean toward Labour, but that ignores the situation where their candidates are in fierce combat in the Maori seats. That is causing a lot of friction.”

He concludes:

“It won’t be long before the chattering political classes realise the possibility that the election’s outcome could be determined by the newest kid on the block – the Maori Party. Won’t that drive them nuts.”

Of course, some of us chattering classes figured this out months ago.

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2 Responses to “From last cab to first limo”

  1. adamsmith1922 Says:

    I really think Mr McCarten needs to get out and about more. Clearly the Maori Party have been probable dealmakers for some considerable time. Surprised he has not seen that.

    Adam, Matt has seen that, and he has written about it before. I refer to his doing so in one of my earlier posts. I think you’ll find that he sees a lot of Sharples, Harawira and others too.

  2. Jamie Walton Says:

    I hope the Maori party do hold the balance of power – about bloody time!

    I am not Maori, I am a New Zealand-born and breed New Zealander of ‘European’ (British) heritage, Pakeha if you like.

    I am ashamed that the very worst traits of European/British ‘culture’ – especially those promulgated by Adam Smith (the so-called ‘economist’, not the blogger) – have had such a systematically devastating effect on the lives of Maori and Polynesian peoples in New Zealand. It is totally unacceptable.

    As far as I can tell, the Maori Party MPs are the only ones in the current Parliament who have not totally sold-out to the phoney belief systems of ‘free markets’ and/or ‘globalisation’ – i.e. they are the only ones who have not sold-out New Zealand’s sovereignty.

    I hope the Maori Party MPs will gain sufficient influence to get New Zealand to get real.

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