Nats’ adman “Finds the truth amongst the bullshit”

John Drinnan’s column in Friday’s Herald contains a little, overlooked nugget:

“The Business Herald understands that a key creative talent for the Nats is Glenn Jameson, a creative director at the freelance advertising bureau The Pond, and who has an impressive CV working in New Zealand, the UK and the US.”

Jameson didn’t return the Herald’s calls, so we can’t be 100% certain that he is the “brain” behind those winning billboards. But he does say, on a fruitcake libertarian blog (sample comment “we’ve seen the ACT policies and they’re rather socialist too!”):

“When I took the role on the marketing team for the National Party I knew I’d have to suffer the enmity of most of you here.”

It’s absolutely gobsmackingly incredible that his personal profile on the ad agency site is still up and still proclaiming his special talent…

“Finding the truth amongst the bullshit.”

Says it all, really.

The personal profile also reveals that Jameson’s politics are to the right of the right — which is, I should stress, perfectly legal. Some of his libertarian fruitloop mates are not happy that he’s mixing it with the socialist National “scum”. Sample: “National! Heart-breaking. Glenn’s going to need an awful lot of vomit bags to get through this election.”

Update: But wait, there’s more. Seems that Jameson, or someone posing as him, has been commenting on Willie Jackson’s Eye to Eye programme. Here he is taking on the “brown clowns” (his words) on Te Reo:

“With one in five New Zealand kids leaving school illiterate isn’t it about time they concentrated on a language that will afford them better employment opportunities? Objectively speaking, Maori is, outside of their own communities, schools and Maori TV, completely and utterly useless. And these brown clowns want to make it compulsory?! As Lindsay said, mind your own bloody business! Go ahead and waste your money and your kid’s precious school time if you choose, but give me the choice to let my kids learn a language that will help them communicate with the world outside New Zealand. The moral inversion these debate create is sickening, with brown-nosing dimwits like Linda Ross-Smith bleating on about the “bigotry displayed by your two pakeha guests.”


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    […] you’ve caught yourself asking why the Nat’s billboards are so bad, then Jafa Pete has the answer. Their adman, Glenn Jameson, is an objectivist. For those of you not familiar with […]

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